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    Flower Shots

    These were taken months ago, when I was still shooting with a basic Canon point-and-shoot. The file sizes are greatly reduced and the colours a little weaker than the full-size photographs. Comments and critiques welcome!
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    Looking for a USED NIKON D70 BODY

    Does anyone have a used Nikon D70 body (in good condition) that you would be willing to sell? My mother already owns one with all the lenses and equipment, but she would like a second body to use at weddings.
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    I'm working with my PSE 4.0 and I'd love for you to post some of your "problem-photos" and let me practice my editing skills and repost them for your comments/critiques. Thanks!
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    I'm practicing my PSE 4.0 skills and would love a few problem-photos to work with. Please post your originals here and I'll edit them and repost them for your comments and critiques. Thank you!
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    First Time Portraits

    This was my first time shooting with a Nikon D70 and doing some serious editing with PSE 4.0. These were taken of my sister in our back yard. Critiques and comments are welcome!