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    "head in the clouds"

    At first I thought dklod did some crazy editing. I like noob's editing, I think the benefits outweigh the negatives. Good stuff regardless.
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    Happy Couple

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    new camera, new pics

    I like the first dog pic the best, #10 I believe. Very vivid and you captured the dog in it's essence.
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    Hate to post a sunset pic, But check this out.

    I like it. No watermark and leveling the orientation a bit would be my next step.
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    Na'Pali Coast

    I just got back from Kaua'i and wow, that island is great. An excellent book to check out is Kaua'i Edge by Steve Alterman and Scott Hanft.
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    how about roosters in kauai?

    I am here in Kaua'i right now and yes, there are roosters everywhere. I will try to get a good shot of one asap too.
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    Rocky Mountain Meet-up - July 2007

    Beautiful, just simply beautiful. Excellent work.
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    Thank you very much for your replies. I guess I should have talked a little bit more about myself. I'm still an undergrad student graduating this December with a Business Marketing degree. I took two years of photography classes in high school and have always been meaning to get back into it. My...
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    Hello TPF users! I have just found my new hobby and look forward to interacting with this forum. I know I will learn a great deal from this forum and want to thank you all in advance. :headbang: