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    Continuing the Eiffel tower theme.....

    Back in 2006 I said I needed to crop the first image in this series and then repost. Well, nearly 3 years later, I've finally got around to doing it! Hopefully I have "squared" the image off, and also removed some of the little distracting spots off the original.
  2. J

    December '08 Photo Challenge - "Architecture"

    Typical. I don't visit the forum for months then a comp comes up that I think I have the ideal picture for. Doh!
  3. J

    Wet Girls

    I like No2. Nice framing, nice colours, just looks like she is keen to stay dry & get where she is going asap.
  4. J

    Koln/Cologne Cathedral, Dec 2006

    Apologies for not making contact, it was a family trip arranged at quite short notice. Plus I have not been a regular on the forum for a little while but am trying harder to make the effort. My wife used to live in Duren as an exchange student for a year, and now her job (a german teacher...
  5. J

    Koln/Cologne Cathedral, Dec 2006

    I'm not sure it is the focusing at fault, more than likely the exposure or still some camera shake. you don't want to see the others I took though...... I've been to Koln maybe 4 or 5 times, never managed to get inside the cathedral yet! Always had too much on. Rather nice camera shop in the...
  6. J

    Cathedral Quarry

    Thank you. I've been to this place many, many times, but for one reason or another it has nearly always been morning time. Obviosuly returning in the afternoon meant that the light was coming from a different angle, and this shot is the result.
  7. J

    Red Squirrel

    The place up at Formby Point, yes. Been meaning to go there for years but only got around to it in Feb this year! And that was because of the snow!
  8. J

    Red Squirrel

    No, not cropped, it is as shot.
  9. J

    Koln/Cologne Cathedral, Dec 2006

    Taken on a very windy day, most images have shake +++ despite being tripod mounted!!
  10. J

    Red Squirrel

    There is a pine forest on the coast about 30 miles from where I live. It is renowned for the population of red squirrel, which in the UK is under threat from the pox virus carried by grey squirrel, who are not native to the UK (greys are classed as vermin, red are protected) Shots taken after...
  11. J

    Cathedral Quarry

    An old slate quarry near Little Langdal,e in the Lake District, UK. Taken with my little Olympus compact after a days walking, about 4.00pm in the afternoon.
  12. J

    Notre Dame de la mer

  13. J

    The North Germany TPF Meet-Up in May 2008

    Hmm, interesting. Accomodation probably not a problem, as we'd caravan, Joanne (my wife) would be quite keen on this trip as she is an ex german language teacher, and recently has only been back their on business with no down time. Would it be beginning or end of the month?
  14. J

    Notre Dame de la mer

    Corinna, not a problem with this moving to general. My polariser is about 20 years old (!!!!!) and has progressed from being used with my superb Olympus OM 10, through a good few years of inactivity, and now is used with my equally superb Olympus E500. Funny how some technology doesn't...
  15. J

    MAdonna & child (no, not the popstar)

    Yes, but it wasn't an intentional maddona tour of France - just coincidence while I was there on holiday. this was taken in the cathedral in Royan, IMHO a very ugly building, but quite interesting lighting.
  16. J

    Notre Dame de la mer

    Here is some detail of the statue at the top of the pillar. I used a polariser to darken the sky & increase the contrast between the white stone & the blue.
  17. J

    Southport Airshow

    Thanks for the feedback, I agree with the Typhoon being a bit dark, but of the ones I took in that session, there were no topside shots to be had - but the noise & speed were phenomenal! The 3rd Arrows shot is my pic of the bunch, I missed a second when they had all spread out a bit more, I lost...
  18. J

    Spitfire birthday

    You're welcome, next time I'll keep my comments shorter & critical
  19. J

    B&W printing problems

    Ok, worth a go, I'll let you know.