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    Decent beginner portrait set up?

    Ok, to start off, I've got a Nikon D70 currently. I plan on picking up the nifty fifty as I'd like to start doing a bit of portraiture. Cars are my number one hobby and with that and work I don't have TOO much time for photography, but I am very interested in it and it does excite me, so I...
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    First time really shooting anything like this.. Normally I just use my camera for pictures of cars and whatnot. This was my cousin's wedding so I wasn't hired and paid for this.. Let me know what you think, check out the entire set here: Individual photo...
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    FS: Canon S3 IS

    Up for sale is a MINT (600ish pictures taken I'd say, used probably 4 times, then sat on a shelf..) Canon S3 IS point and shoot digital camera. I'm buying a nikon DSLR, so I sold my Rebel XT and need $100 more for the kit I'm buying, so I've decided to sell this. $150 picked up (will meet...
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    FS/FT: Dell XPS M1330

    Looking to get into the world of photography; paid way too much for this laptop, and I'm not too fond of Windows. I'd like to trade my laptop for a DSLR camera and/or an apple macbook and/or cash. Intel Core 2 Duo 2.00Ghz 2 Gigs of RAM 120gb hard drive DVD burner Windows Vista Home...