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    Camera Noise?

    Hi i have a canon 30d that i bought recently used. I have noticed that sometimes when it starts to focus it makes a pretty loud ERREEEEE noise. It sounds like something is wrong. Does this seem familiar to anyone?
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    Lens Help

    Hi so i bought my 30D and i want to get a lens now. I already made a post about this but i decided i dont want to spend over 200 dollars for a lens that can see things far away. I looked at the canon ef 75-300 but i hear the image quality is not good i also was thinking about the canon ef...
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    I picked up a 30D it is sweet. Now all i need is a good lens to see far away things
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    Canon 30D?

    Okay i hope this is my last post on buying a camera. I saw this listing on craigslist near me he said 895 dollars obo so i offered 800 dollars and he said he would do that without the battery grip. We met at 850 for everything. Is this a good deal? here is the listing...
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    Canon 20D?

    Hi i posted before that i wanted a good camera that shoots fast to take with me snowboarding. I kept looking around and found that the 20D seemed to fit my needs it is 5fps and 8.2 mega pixels. I wanted to know if this is a good camera for me a noob and if it takes good pictures. Also is it okay...
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    Sorry for asking a lot of questions. Im a noob. This ebay listing is looking good to me for the price if anybody believes differently it would be nice to...
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    Opinion? Is this a good buy or not? Thanks Sean
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    Buying a camera?

    Hi i was looking to buy a camera to take with me snowboarding. I wanted to get the fastest shooting camera in my price range so i can shoot all the sequences of tricks. I was looking in the price range of a d40x or less but they don't seem to shoot that fast. I also wanted to know what lens to...