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    Which nikon flash is "worth it"?

    I been looking at the sb-600 and the sb-800 regarding price difference and things how do these match up and which one is better to get?
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    My Happy Place

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    WTB 35mm 1.8 ot 50mm 1.8 Nikon

    WTB 35mm 1.8 to 50mm 1.8 Nikon or is willing to trade i have a 70-300 nikon non vr g lens brand new still in box
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    WTB 35mm nikon 1.8G

    WTB 35mm nikon 1.8G DX
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    Need help picking D90 or T2i Please read before assume.

    I have been going about this for 2 months now and I need a real answer. I am stuck between pickign a canon T2i or a nikon D90. I am minoring in photography when I get to college and would like to know which camera will be more efficient in the long run. I am looking into doing Scenery/nightlife...