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    Landscape Photos C & C please!

    Just some landscape shots from today- Thanks for any input! 1. watermarked-6 by jparks12, on Flickr 2. watermarked-4 by jparks12, on Flickr 3. watermarked by jparks12, on Flickr
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    Night Shots C + C please!

    Thanks for any feedback! 1. IMG_2394 by jparks12, on Flickr 2. IMG_2380 by jparks12, on Flickr
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    HELP! lighting equipment for architectural/real estate photography

    Hey there, I realize this is a bit broad, but I am looking for opinions on the best way to light empty houses for commercial and residential real estate photography. I would like to know more about the strengths and weaknesses of a multi strobe set up versus using multiple slave flashes synced...
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    HDR Question, please help

    I am just getting into some architectural HDR work and the photos are coming out fairly well on my computer. The trouble seems to be when I send them, they come out dark. I changed them to 8 bit, reformatted the color as Adobe RGB 1998, and redid the HDR work, and they still look dark. They are...
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    Best tripod setup for under $300

    Hey I'm looking to purchase a new tripod setup and would like to hear people's opinions!
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    Huge Collection of 35mm and other format cameras for sale

    Hey there, I am looking to sell a large collection of film cameras that belonged to my dad. I am looking for serious initial offers right now and would like for these to go to good homes. I am located in Maine and can meet in person if anyone is in the Northeast. Contact me here by posting in...
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    Looking for some C+C please

    Hey there, I finally got around to joining the forum and am looking to take my pictures to the next level. Here's a few from the balloon festival that came to my town this weekend. Thanks 1. IMG_0759778 edit resize by jparks12, on Flickr 2. IMG_0296 resize by jparks12, on Flickr 3...