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  1. J

    A few...different portraits

    last to are great!
  2. J

    A fun self portrait

    what kind of post-processing did you use?
  3. J

    she has WINDOWS in her EYES.

    selective coloring is blah
  4. J

    Where did you spend new years? I spent it in 3 insane asylums!

    ten is deff your strongest photo
  5. J

    This week's stuff

    one and two are dope...I like your style
  6. J

    Post a picture of yourself

    new addition to the simpson family?
  7. J


    :thumbup: excellent idea, first shot is the better of the two
  8. J

    Self Portrait - Critique Welcome.

    very nice
  9. J


    thanks for the input :)
  10. J


    any others?
  11. J

    what can i do ?

    You should see what it looks like when you crop the houses out, then mess with the colors...make it unique and stand out...
  12. J

    what can i do ?

    to get less sky just crop the image...Doing that would make the image that much better
  13. J

    Merry Christmas!

    sweet! Have a good christmas in tokyo and an even better new years
  14. J


    ill have to try that out...i didnt really want to goggle lens to be the focus point. So i threw the other color in to balance it out a little...i dont know
  15. J

    Walkway to Heaven

    Amazing shot! I like your style everything looks really good
  16. J


    thanks! anyone else feel like leaving some feedback
  17. J

    eXTReME mACHiNeS

    Two and Four are great! Others are missing something imo
  18. J

    Two band sessions from today

    The Dj Bajs pictures are superior
  19. J

    Shot of a Nikon D40

    This may be the correct way to do it but i actually like the original version better...Then again i shoot with a different style and im not sure what style of shot they were going for!