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    Nikon d300s and two lenses

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    Brand New 13" MacBook Pro

    Sold through ebay today thanks for all the comments!
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    Brand New 13" MacBook Pro

    If you read at the top you can see that wasn't all the software I know how much they both cost. I said that if you went to the Apple store and bought a 13" MBP with Aperture and iWork it would cost $1600 + Tax. It also comes with Parallels which is an $80 program and then the Adobe Master...
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    Brand New 13" MacBook Pro

    Got it as a gift and the software was a gift too. I bought a 17" MBP a week later and I already have a 27" iMac so I have no use for it at all.
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    Brand New 13" MacBook Pro

    Sorry I've been out of town and not by a computer. I know that the price is a little high and yes you can get a refurbished one for that price but it is brand new. There is also around $2500 worth of software on it and that's enough to bump the price up a couple hundred dollars. You could buy it...
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    Bag Recommendations

    I have a bag that I'm looking to sell that might fit your needs. I have a Kata DR467 and on average I carry a D300s gripped, 70-200 2.8, 17-55 2.8, 10-20 3.5, 50 1.4, SB-900, SB-900, Diffuser, 17" MBP, Camera chargers, memory cards, and a laptop charger. Sometimes I have both of my bodies in...
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    newb question: where to rent lens??

    I would go with or from my experience with both of them is great. Lens Rentals is great they have everything in stock when I need it and they are really cheap those prices on their site include shipping to and from. Give them about 3 days to get it to you though...
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    How do I get the background blurred

    There should be a mode on your camera called creative auto it's next to full auto. In creative auto there should be a little slider and it will ask you if you want your background more or less blurry. There are limitations though by the lenses that you have. The higher the aperature the more...
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    Brand New 13" MacBook Pro

    Pictures will be coming shortly. All software was purchased from respected manufacturers and no physical disks were received.
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    Brand New 13" MacBook Pro

    Sold! I'm looking to sell a brand new 13" MacBook Pro. It's the aluminum unibody enclosure. It was used only to load software which will come preloaded. The software that is currently on there is Adobe Master Suite CS4, Apple Aperature 2, iWork '09, and Parallels. Parallels will allow you to...
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    FS: (OR) 14 gigs of misc. CF cards in case - $40

    I'll take it if you still have it, I have paypal and am ready to send payment. What's your paypal?
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    FS: Mint Nikon D300 body only

    I don't understand the D300 is $1349 and it had 15000 actuations and it was a 7 rating. Mine is basically brand new with 1300 actuations and I was charging $50 more. I wasn't saying that it was irrelevant at the beginning I'm saying it's irrelevant now because its already sold. I based my price...
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    FS: Mint Nikon D300 body only

    Thanks! I was just about to do that before I read your post. It is fixed now.
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    FS: Mint Nikon D300 body only

    Well he might be right but B&H is not selling a used D300s for $1349. They aren't even selling used D300s'. Nikon | D300 SLR Digital Camera (Camera Body) | 25432 | B&H That link shows that in fact they are selling the D300 for $1349 and all of this is irrelevant because I already sold it for...
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    FS: Mint Nikon D300 body only

    True it is very little use but it's still 11 and a half times more than my camera. Well in my area and other areas that I have checked i've seen them for over $1200 in all those areas. Nikon D300 and MB-D10 Nikon D300 body Nikon D300 digital camera Nikon D300 True it is a buyer's market...
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    FS: Mint Nikon D300 body only

    You have to take into account the condition though. It's not selling for new on B&H for $1350 last time I emailed them about the condition they said that the current one they were selling was a 7 for $1350 and that has visible wear and they said it had over 15000 actuations. This camera has 1300...
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    FS: Mint Nikon D300 body only

    SOLD I have my nikon d300 for sale it's only been used as a backup to my d700 and I don't have the need for it anymore. It's basically only been used once for a wedding when I didn't have my d700. It has right around 1300 clicks on it and it's in pristine condition. No visible wear whatsoever...
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    Not sure where to put this, How old are you?

    19.. 20 in june..
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    Buying New- Sony A700 or Cannon 50D

    Yeah i don't understand why you're throwing nikon out the window. A D700 in my honest opinion is far better than the 5D Mark II and that's only if you can get one of those within a couple of months. They have been sold out for forever and its just because of that HD video which really who needs...