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    Anyone photographing the skies tonite? It will be a new moon!

    Get to a dark place and have at it! I will try and see if I can capture the milky way.
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    Something wrong here... best selling camera list from amazon.

    For some reason the link was broken, i think it's fixed OK FOR SOME reason I tried 10 times to post the exact link but picture items 1-50 all Nikon. HAHA. Dominated by one brand: Nikon. I'm not a gearwhore by anymeans, but certainly there has to be one brand other than Nikon in there...
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    Pet peeve... anyone with me on this? (Crappy pics with sigs on them)

    Now first I don't pretend to be an "expert" on photography or anything like that. But my pet peeve (at least when it comes to photography) is when people post the crappiest photos and border and sig them. By crappy photos, I don't mean not up to Ansel Adam spec, I mean photos which the...
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    My new-to-me Yashica Electro, subject of my first "stock" photo!

    I just got this Yashica today, it's absolutely MINT MINT MINT MINT. I can't say it enough. Anyway here is my first attempt at a stock photo. I used a 17-40@ 40mm, f/16, 8 second or so exposure (check exif --i forget) and multiple fires of my wireless 430ex. This was done with an opteka...
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    Los Angeles Sunset from the rooftop!

    Hey guys! Just wanted to share my photo with you! Taken just a few hours ago. Timing was key here. I waited and took several frames for the light to hit just right. Hope you guys like it and don't mind the crazy colors! And yes it's edited.
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    Hey all! I just finished my website: I hope to update it soon! :lol:
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    Greetings from Los Angeles, CA 818!

    Hey, guys! I found this forum through Google. I'm a former POTN member. I was recently banned there (relax, mods) by a bully moderator who was simply trying to strut his stuff. (I found him on other forums bragging how he's a powerful mod on a site with 200k members). I'll name you if I...