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  1. Diamond


    Hi, took this shot a month ago. I would love to know everyone's opinion
  2. Diamond

    On a Rainy Day...

    Summer 2005.. On a rainy day in London.. Sitting by the Windown.. Listening to the whistles of the wind.. Didnt resist taking shots of the eye catching candle which lit the dark sitting room. Would like to hear your comments?
  3. Diamond

    How can i protect my camera?

    I have a canon 20D, i was wondering if anyone may advise me.. how can i protect my camera from snow and wind during outdoor photography?
  4. Diamond

    Traffic Light

    A little bit of PS, I would like to hear opinions on this shot
  5. Diamond


    I took this shot from a fountain, i was playing with the shutter speed trying to get a freezed image of the drops :)
  6. Diamond

    Dragon Mart

    I took these shot 2 weeks ago at the Dragon Mart in Dubai.. Critiques accepted :)
  7. Diamond

    About Filters

    Hello everyone I have purchased a canon 20D recently.. i want to know, does the filter protect the lense from sunlight? and i want to know more about filters and about their uses?
  8. Diamond


    I liked the colour of vitamins when the sun light goes through them.. but this shot is slightly edited :)
  9. Diamond

    D20 or Rebel 300D

    I am using digital canon ixus 40, and i want to move to SLR.. I have read alot of comments from other photography website and magazines about canon D20 and rebel 300D.. I am confused between the two, can someone advise me please??!!
  10. Diamond

    Problem with printing pictures

    I have a problem when printing pictures.. I am using a digital canon camera, i have saved the shots on a cd and sent them to be developed in the studio, but the quality of the pictures were very bad after printing, maybe because the paper used was glossy.. is there a particular kind of paper...
  11. Diamond

    Rain Drops

    After it stopped raining, i went to take some shots of rain drops on the car.. this is my favourite shot.. what do you think of it??
  12. Diamond

    At The Island

    Enjoying the weekend at the island.. I would like to know your opinions on these shots and how they could be improved
  13. Diamond

    First Photograph on Display

    Hi everone This is my first shot displayed in this forum and would love to hear your opinions on it..
  14. Diamond

    Hi everyone.. new member

    Hi, I am a new member in this forum. I love photography very very much, I carry ma camera in my pocket everywhere i go.. some of my shots turn out to be great but still i need to improve and thats why i have been looking for a forum.. and now at last i found a photography forum.. 8)