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    Memorial Day BBQ CC

    I took a bunch of photos at a BBQ/Concert that was put on for us here in Guantanamo. Let me know what you guys think. I did a little bit of experimenting with Lightroom 2. One of my favorites. He was occupied watching "Finding Nemo" on an ipod. This dog was definitely a magnet for attention.
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    My D200 arrived in the mail late today. I don't have a lens yet, but the feel of this camera in your hand is awesome. It definitely has a little heft to it. It makes my old D40 feel like a flimsy little paper weight. Oh well, I have to go tomorrow to purchase a 18-55mm lens and a compact...
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    Auto Photography

    I got a great deal on a new Nikon D200 body. I'm planning to do a lot of auto photography. (Car shows and what not). I recently picked up a 50mm 1.8. What other lens are you using or would you recommend for car photography? Thanks
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    Nikon D40 DSLR w/ Remote

    Nikon D40 w/ 18-55mm kit lens Nikon Remote Asking $375 + Shipping $375 SHIPPED OBO Feel free to ask any questions or make an offer. I accept PAYPAL only! Reference: eBay user ID michael.mcbee 100% Positive Feedback
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    (Brand New) Nikon 50mm f/1.8D

    Brand New - Asking $100 Shipped OBO References Ebay: michael.mcbee : 05GT I accept Paypal only!
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    Noob ? .. reading Understand Composure

    The author states... "To get this image, I set my lens to autofocus, and with my shutter speed at 1/500 sec., I aimed the camera at the blue sky and adjusted my aperture until the camera meter indicated that f/8 was correct. I then recomposed and shot several rolls over the course of the next...
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    Sigma 18-200MM HSM or 18-200MM OS HSM

    The price of the 18-200MM HSM is $310 and the OS HSM is $480. Do any of you guys use this lense? Is the stabilization worth the $170 difference?
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    Quick ? about photo count.

    I have the Nikon D40. I just wanted to know if there is way to stop the camera from resetting the photo number to zero? I know it sounds silly, but I wanna keep track of how many photos I've taken with the camera. Thanks
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    A New Start

    Hello TPF, My name is Michael, and I'm currently serving in the United States Navy. I've always liked photography, but I just recently purchased a nice camera and began to take a real interest in the craft. This forum is full of great information. Keep up the great work. Nikon D40 / 18-55mm...
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    Sunset at Sea

    I started to take alot of pictures during my current deployment. This is just one that I happened to catch with my Nikon Coolpix L18 that I always keep with me. All I did was resize the photo. I recently purchased a Nikon D40, and I plan on getting involved alot more in photography. I find...