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  1. nate_07

    circular or Linear polarizer filer for Sony H-9

    which one do i use? I need to get one before Wednesday! From what I know I would use a circular polarizer filter. Anyway any ideas of some good sites to buy filters would be helpful i need a good price so help me find the great deal. Also it is a 74mm lens so they are harder to find. Help me.
  2. nate_07

    Some of my 1st pictures with my 1st camera

    Alright now break me down! I am looking for advice and what i can do diffrently. I dont use photoshop yet (cus i dont have it $$$). I did use a free program for my 1st picture. Anyway let me know what you think.
  3. nate_07


    I DO!!! Alright so this is my first nice camera ever and i want to get some advice from you! As most H9 owners know this camera is unique in some aspects due to its 74MM! I think it sucks because find 74mm stuff is about 1000 times harder than say a 52mm! But anyway there is stuff out there and...