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    Self Portrait C&C please.

    I think it's a great shot... Dave
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    Returning to Film Photography After 30 Years

    I normally get 6x6 prints on 5x5 paper, doesn't seem to require any special request. I'd look for a place that offers that. Dave
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    which film camera do u have?

    ? I have a Pentax 50/1.4 and find it to be excellent, as with all my Pentax lenses. My 50 is a K but I have a 200/4M that is also excellent. I would put then against my Nikon lenses any day. Not to take things on a tangent...
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    Nikon F2... Holy Moly.

    Congrats on the F2 and glad it's being put to some use. First thing I'd recommend is a basic book on photography so you can understand how it all works. Not a text book, there are plenty of user-friendly books available that will help you understand the basics. Next I'd recommend a 50mm lens...
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    I need a TLR

    Yashicas are good and in your price range, with some limitations. I sold mine for the C330 I have now, and it was a significant improvement IMO (in terms of usability, not image quality at f8) but I think you would be very lucky to find one in your price range. The Yashica is a good way to go...
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    which film camera do u have?

    I'm assuming you mean what's the difference from one film camera to the next and which would be good to get. Film vs. digital is a different 38-page thread... Many film cameras would be suitable, I think it would make sense to choose one for which a wide variety of lenses are presently...
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    which film camera do u have?

    Too many is the short answer... Pentax MZ-5 Pentax KX Pentax LX Nikon FM2n Nikon FE2 Nikon F3 Mamiya C330 Mamiya RB 67 Pro S Kodak Tourist An old Voigtlander model I don't recall... Dave
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    Kit cameras

    I have one of those...haven't built it yet though. Tasks for the New Year... Dave
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    Which one?

    FE, FE2, FM, FM2n, F3, F4, F100 are all good choices and not too expensive. There are others, that would be my list. Dave
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    Agfa Isolette II, Some shots...

    Beautiful pics! Dave
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    Good Rangefinder or Film SLR for cheap?

    There are a million options here but I'll throw in my 2c. As far as SLRs, (I have no experience with rangefinders) Pentax and Nikon lenses are both forward-compatible with their modern digital counterparts. You could get a Pentax K1000 with a 50mm lens for $75 and that lens as well as future...
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    Another RB question

    Ah that makes some sense, thanks. Doesn't make sense that it would be wrong of course (and they would be manufactured for 30+ years that way...), but I couldn't figure out an explanation. Dave
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    Another RB question

    Sorry, still figuring things out. As for bellows exposure compensation according to the scale on the side of the bellows it's either .5 or 1 stop compensation. Now my C330 has a similar minimum focus distance (comparing 90mm lens on RB to 80mm on C330), and at the same distance the C330 is...
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    Brighter prints....scanned slides or negatives

    I'll say that recently I had some 120 Provia scanned, and it came out beautifully in every way with a 50M drum scan. With a 30M flatbed (done professionally) the results were horrid, even after rescanning to try to correct it. With my Minolta scanner at home it is very difficult to get good...
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    Android issues

    I got it recently as well and while no problems logging in I have encountered one minor issue I figured I'd bring up while we're talking about it. I'm unable to select forums as "favorites", it says to use the menu key and select it but pushing the menu key does not ever give me any option to...
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    Brighter prints....scanned slides or negatives

    I would say that in my experience it is more difficult to get a scan from a transparency that does it justice short of really high-end drum scans. With negatives not such a big problem. Dave
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    RB67 twin cable question

    Thanks, I understand how it works now, didn't realize there were two separate releases in the cable. If I had nothing I might try to find the twin release but being that I have a regular release I can't really imagine being unable to release the mirror by hand, so that will work fine for me. I...
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    RB67 twin cable question

    Got it, thanks Paul. Dave
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    RB67 twin cable question

    Hi Folks, Recently got an RB67, still checking it out and shooting my first few rolls. I have a question about the twin cable release, what is its purpose? I mean, I understand the two releases, but I don't understand why a cable release for the mirror. Does the twin cable release each at...
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    Kodachrome 64t Questions

    I don't think there exists "Kodachrome 64T". There is KR64 and PKR64, both of which are daylight films. Dave