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    I would suggest that if you open the pliers, you could have a sturdier and adjustable window prop.
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    Do you need to know the technical aspects to be a good photographer?

    Nailed it. I think the important part of understanding, in any aspect of life, is understanding what consequences will come from your actions. Everyone knows that using soap and water will remove dirt from your hands. But not everyone knows that, on a chemical level, soap molecules make...
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    Woodrow Wilson Bridge, Arlington Va at Sunrise

    I like the composition of #1 and the PP in #4 is really cool. There is a tutorial of taking cityscape shots that shows how to get really good star flare on the lights (don't know exactly what it's called), it would look cooler if you had done that. I think the key is a really small aperture...
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    I don't think I ever saw that, quite strange. Good shots everyone!
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    What do you think about this photograph?

    Well, it's terribly underexposed. Other than that A++.
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    Based on the last pic, you should make the upgrade to Canon products.
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    Storage workflow

    I have a Westgate 2TB external drive. I purchased the waterproof case in addition to the drive. I have my doubts about its water resistance, but it's heavily padded. The proprietary USB cable has caused me some grief. I am happy with the product besides that and chalk the purchase up to...
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    Where Dreams Are Born

    Nice shadow detail. Prune those suckers.
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    The ethics of digital photo editing

    Being consistent with what I said before that, I have to agree. I suppose what I meant to imply is that being good at editing photographs using computer software doesn't make a person a good photographer. On a personal level, I think photography should be about using focus, shutter speed...
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    Rusty Metal

    Not very interesting but I like the depth of field and focus. Although, I have to ask; Is the DOF natural?
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    The ethics of digital photo editing

    I went to see an Ansel Adams exhibit at the Peabody Essex Museum last July that was also hosting a collections of Jerry Uelsmann's work. I was surprised and impressed to learn that all of his work was done in the dark room. Jerry Uelsmann I do my best to capture the composition I prevision...
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    Are there any pros here that JUST do women's portrature?

    If someone finds the female figure particularly pleasing, I don't see what's wrong with only taking photographs of women only. In terms of running a portraiture business, I think a professional would accept as much work as they could handle.
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    Canon 60D w/ 50mm f1.8 and extras

    I will give you $50 for the lens.
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    The natives were all stoned.

    Thank you for sharing. That looks so cool, beautiful area as well. Added to list of desinations.
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    Surely, I can't be the only one.
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    made of iron

    Very neat. The icons are hiding you face, in a big way for me. Particularly the center one. If they were lower by 1/4"-1/2" it would feel better. Also, the red square and the circle on the right don't seem to have the same curve as the other elements. Otherwise very neat! That must have been...
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    My first Compositing

    Very interesting, I like it quite a bit. Everything seems to fit very well but the fences just don't look right.
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    Feet give a perspective that's usually overlooked by most photographers but can say a lot about where you are and what you're doing. I learned the importance of taking the shots that most people wouldn't see or think to shoot, from an artist's gallery I used to frequent when I was attending high...
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    My 365 Project

    I really like 76 and 78.