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    from D70 to F50 (N50)

    I develop my own B&W film and scan with a Canon flatbed scanner that I bought. I'm at work right now and don't remember the model off-hand, but it is one of the USB-powered ones and has a light-bar attachment for scanning 35mm film. It does a pretty decent job for 20,000 Yen (about $200) I'm...
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    My Fuji Microfine developer turned yellow after roll of Rollei IR400, why?

    My negatives look OK. They are a little flat, but I'm not surprised since I only made an educated guess at time and temperature since I had no data for Rollei IR400 in Fuji Microfine. This was just a test roll for me. My concern is ... is my chemistry OK to use for more film or did something...
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    My Fuji Microfine developer turned yellow after roll of Rollei IR400, why?

    Does this mean the developer is still OK to use, or should it be disposed of? The strange thing is I looked at it again and it turned from yellow back to mostly clear! I don't want to use it if it's compromised now, but at the same time, in small-town Japan, with my limited ability to buy...
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    My Fuji Microfine developer turned yellow after roll of Rollei IR400, why?

    Hmm, you're right. Your comment isn't of any help.
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    My Fuji Microfine developer turned yellow after roll of Rollei IR400, why?

    Hello everyone, After shooting digital for several years I became discontent and wanted to start playing with film. I've been successfully developing my own Fuji Presto 400 using Fujifilm Microfine developer. Today I tried developing my first roll of Rollei IR400 film. I read in a post on...
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    Newbie to film development - advice needed - mediocre results

    When I say "around 22-24 degrees" I mean that when the chemicals hit 22 OR 24 degrees (temperatures listed on the time chart) I start developing with the listed time for THAT temperature. I do not guesstimate temperature or time, I do it as precisely as possible. I also aim for one of those...
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    Newbie to film development - advice needed - mediocre results

    Hi everyone. I've shot only digital for a few years but have started experimenting with film. I bought a cheap development tank and have started to develop (and then scan) my own black and white film. The results are OK, but not the same as the same film I had done by a lab. My negatives are...
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    DX format lens on 35mm film

    Does anyone have anye examples that they could link me to of a photo taken on a film 35mm camera with a DX (digital APC-C sized sensor only) lens? I just bought a film camera to experiment with after only ever shooting digital, and being the cronic experimenter I want to see what it looks like...
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    night pictures, help please!

    Not every flare comes from the front of the lens. In digital you can often get reflections between the hotmirror (the blue'ish glass filter in front of the sensor) and the rear lens element. There's not much you can do about these other than change the angle you are shooting from with respect...
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    How unhealthy is flash?

    The UV exposure topic is an interesting one. Radiation (of all kinds) exposure (as far as I know) is cumulative and you can receive an unhealthy dose all at once (the fraction of a second that the strobe goes off) or over time (like laying in the sun.) If you are getting an unhealthy amount of...
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    i think my sensor's biting the dust (help needed, imgs)

    Bad pixels would probably manifest themselves as very discreet, sharp distortions that would be obvious as heck in any photo. That amorphous shape and the modest effect it is having on photos at this point definitely looks like mold. There is normally a spacer and a very thin layer of air...
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    IR with custom WB and other help needed?

    I don't know if it's the same for Canon, but I just set my Nikon in aperture priority mode when I take a photo for custom WB and that usually works. If the photo it takes isn't good for custom WB my camera tells me. The exposure doesn't matter too much, as long as it's not horribly under...
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    January 08 Photo Challenge - "Late Night" - sponsored by Quik Pod

    I read the rules and they don't seem to have any limitations as to location. I live in Japan, on the off chance that I submitted and won, would that be an issue?
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    What would be a decent, cheap, used, film SLR to get?

    I've only ever shot digital and feel like experimenting with a few rolls of B&W film just for the heck of it. I also need something to keep me busy while I send my DSLR into Nikon for service because it's shutter is starting to stick! I was looking at a used camera web site, but I have no clue...
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    Infrared modified Nikon Coolpix 885 I bought this camera and modified it for fun. I'm getting ready to move, change jobs, and do my IR shooting with a different camera so I'm decided to find a good home for this one. This camera is a small point-n-shoot and has had...
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    Vista, Vista, Vista...

    Sadly a vast majority of new systems only ship with Vista. I've even had to buy Vista on Dell's at work, wipe them, and load XP. It's the Microsoft tax ... I personally and professionally do NOT like many things about Vista and am actually making the move to Mac right now. Especially since...
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    Mirror Cleaning?

    I just keep a used sensor swab to clear my mirror with. I have several dust specs on mine but I don't worry about it because it doesn't affect anything and I don't ever see them.
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    Pinhole on Lens

    I'd imagine that gluing a cheap, clear UV filter to a body cap with a pinhole would make it dustproof and not interfere with the photo too much. YOu could probably just go to a store and buy a cheap piece of scrap glass or replacement picture frame glass and cut a square to put in front of your...
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    Photographic Holy Grail!

    With a DSLR I never considered something like the Moon difficult. Shoot, if it's over exposed, decrease your exposure and shoot again. A always manage to get what I want after a few shots. As far as specific advice, I've heard many people say use the sunny-16 rule with the Moon since it is...
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    For sale: infrared modified Nikon Coolpix 990

    [edit: This camera is no longer available. Thank you for looking] I'm selling an infrared modified Nikon Coolpix 990. The camera's ir-cut filter (hotmirror), has been replaced with clear glass and it has 28mm threads so you can use any IR, UV, or other filter you want and compose on the LCD...