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  1. schuylercat

    Corel's PSP Pro Photo X2/Canon 40D RAW fail.

    Hi Mike, Yep, thought about it, but I got sidetracked into using Bibble and RawTherapee - a couple of Lightroom knockoffs. I was pretty stunned at them both. Bibble is kinda affordable ($129, I think?) and it's utterly amazing. Raw Therapee, while not amazing, is fast, easy, and (get this)...
  2. schuylercat

    Corel's PSP Pro Photo X2/Canon 40D RAW fail.

    This is yet another example of a "cheaper is not necessarily better, it's just...cheaper" lesson I learned while restarting my photography business. I bought PSP Pro Photo X2 back in April without properly researching it's RAW camera support capabilities. I wasn't too worried about it, since I...
  3. schuylercat

    '08 Subject Assignment - TIME - Due June 27th

    1/60, reverse lens macro, in really dim window light, hand held. This was fun. Hard to hand hold, but it's the first time I have actually SEEN 1/60th in motion.
  4. schuylercat

    What is in your camera bag (post a picture)

    Here's my main bag: It contains: Canon EOS 40D body Canon BG-E2N battery grip Sigma 10-20mm f/4-5.6 EX DC HSC lens Canon EF 17-40 f/4L lens Canon EF 28-70 f/2.8L lens Various Hoods for all above lenses Tiffen 77mm Circular Polarizer 2 Canon Speedlite 580EX flashes 2 Honlphoto speed straps 2...
  5. schuylercat

    Improving in automotive photography -- equipment questions

    VI's got the keys: control the environment, and practice on models. The curved surfaces should indeed make perfect practice. I did a small number of car shoots - got to shoot a Vette, Viper, Prowler, others. At the time I read in Smithsonian magazine (of all places) there are 3 ways to handle...
  6. schuylercat

    Why don't people like program mode?

    Well, THIS was a fireball... "P" mode in the Canon space is a different animal, yes. Working the pits at a race (twelve years ago...), the lighting changes every second - down under the tents in the mechanics' bays, out in the open in full sun, 5-6 stops of difference. I would use "P" mode as...
  7. schuylercat

    April 08 Challenge Photos - "Favorite Album" - Sponsored by Quik Pod

    Bravo! I didn't make it on time, so nothing from me. Someone did my one of my favorite albums, too...and they did a really, really good job! It's my favorite shot, and it'll get my vote in about 20 seconds. There's only 22, but some of these are excellent - good luck all!
  8. schuylercat

    First practice session with new light kit - with pic.

    Mike - I was writing while you were posting. Thanks! Ratios...well, here we go. Lots of reading to do. I'm over-thinking everything as it is, but I'm having a ball doing it! Let me ask you: what do you do when you can't set lights where you want them? I ask because I had very, very little...
  9. schuylercat

    First practice session with new light kit - with pic.

    Hi all, Good feedback, and not at all what I was thinking...which is why it's good! I think this looks like a $30 school photo, with the exception of the narrow DOF. I am good with that - one can make good money shooting school photos, yes? I also find it not too compelling, but this isn't a...
  10. schuylercat

    First practice session with new light kit - with pic.

    My daughter makes a suitable model, when she'll sit still. Here's the poop: just got all my stuff from Adorama - stands, umbrellas, swivels. I had 1 hour. Grabbed a bed sheet (ew-blue...yeah), set up a simple 2 light setup, mounted 2 580EX's, set up the remote, and off we went. This is shot...
  11. schuylercat

    Canon "L" Series Under $1,000?

    I just bought the 17-40 from Tri-State Camera (via Amazon) for $629. I found a mint example on Craigslist (that I didn't see but for a photo - sold before I could get it) for $600. It's fairly well though-of among wedding photographers.
  12. schuylercat

    Shoot through umbrella question

    That was a joke? Damn! :lol: Mike - I think that fact is what scares people most about off-camera lighting: 1/2 distance from light to subject is 1 stop in-camera. In full manual, that idea makes me feel like I'm juggling totally uncontrolled elements: from light spillover control to...
  13. schuylercat

    Shoot through umbrella question

    Hmm. Outdoor, then. Late afternoon. Have to find a good spot. Speedlites on stands on my right and left, parallel for fill. I'm going to gather a group of my neighbors and pratice, see where ETTL takes me, then transit to manual from there. Thanks Jerry & Mike. The couple, on the other...
  14. schuylercat

    Canon EF 50mm F/1.4 USM - sharpness fully open?

    Hey Prodigy - you ever read this guy? I've reviewed the recent purchases I made on his site, and I like his feedback. He thinks the 50mm f/1.4 is VERY good, and highly recommended. If I get a 50, this is the one I would get, I think.
  15. schuylercat

    Shoot through umbrella question

    VI - that's my first task: setting the whole mess up and experimenting with light overflow and such. I have one unobstructed big wall in my house ('s pink. Daughter's room) - I have some learning to do. Mike: I have read about a few different schools of thought. Strobist had a recent...
  16. schuylercat

    Shoot through umbrella question

    Thanks guys - I have done some more reading and as long as I only have the two 580's there's no need to get shoot throughs larger than 45". At full power these flashes make a pretty big pop, but I suspect it'll never be big enough unless I reflect rather than shoot through. I have a very old...