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    My first baby shoot!...C&C PLEASE!

    I was having the same problem just couldnt get the stuff to stick and I found that reading and writing down the main points and taking notes has helped me remember a lot. And even a few cheat sheets in the camera bag just to have incase!
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    I discovered HDR the other night,

    HDR can look awesome when done correctly, but this one just looks way way way too over-done! As for the 2nd one, it just doesnt peak my interest at all
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    The Dam for c&c

    to me there just isnt anything interesting going on in the picture. Maybe try focusing more on the water coming over the damn instead of the pond below
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    autocross photos for C&C

    I wanted some opinions on these photos please. I rented a new lens to play with for 2 weeks, and am taking it to a national even next weekend. So any tips would be nice. Unfortunately a few of the photos had cones in them because it was pouring and I was hiding under the tent and couldnt really...
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    DSLR Bags

    I have this bag and love it. lots of different compartments and places to store everything! Comfy to carry and has front straps to keep it from moving around much.
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    Lens help

    yeah I had a monopod but it magically disappeared a few months back :er: so I may get a new one or may hold off. Not sure yet. On another note: anyone know a good way to cover a mic so you dont have wind noise but can still get car noises? We have my crappy point and shoot that we attach to...
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    Lens help

    my only other thought is weight. I will have a tripod, but I will be out there with a camera for around 11 hours. for 2 or 3 days... I am also looking at the Canon EF 70-200mm f/4.0. But not sure. I know I can usually get some decent motion shots with my kit lens that I have now. And I do...
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    Lens help

    Thanks! The Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L IS is mostly what I am leaning towards renting at least for the national events this year. Would I be totally hurting to get the first one instead of the 2nd one?
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    Lens help

    Thanks I've never noticed the camera being slow, but the sports I do are more about car control than speed so that may be it. Kind of hoping to find a lens that would be good for everything, not just sports if possible. Because even though I do sell a few pictures, with it being an all amateur...
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    help C&C a complete noob.

    thank you. I am just mostly trying to learn my camera, and like I said I am a complete noob! And trying to stop using autofocus! And yeah the building was taken with my crappy point and shoot. But it was all I had at the moment.
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    help C&C a complete noob.

    Just looking for ways to get better! Always up for C&C! Half frozen lake at Steeles Creek Park more of the lake Admin building of Morristown College.
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    A few of the new addition

    Very nice! :thumbup: Congrats! And what big beautiful eyes!
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    Lens help

    Budget I havent really decided yet. The beau is going in with me so I am not as worried. And honestly if I find a lens I love I will save the money and get it. But I'd like to say under $1500, although that can change. Most of the time I end up on the track for local shots, but at national...
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    Lens help

    I am still a bit of a beginner but I am looking into a new lens or too and would love some opinions. I have a canon eos rebel xt and currently only have the 2 lenses that came with the camera. EF-S 18-55mm EF-S 75-300mm I am looking into renting a few to try first before I drop the cash on a...
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    Post the dogs.

    so many cute dogs in this thread! I will have to dig up some that I took at the kennel I worked at! Maybe I can add that to the list of reasons as to why we need a dog! I am dying for one, the boy, not so much... :(
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    Fun in the snow!

    Daww! Glad someone enjoys the snow! LOL!
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    Newby from Tennessee

    Hello from a fellow Tennessean Newbie!
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    thank you!! :mrgreen:
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    Hello all! Thought I would introduce myself! My name is Jordi and I am brand spanking new here! I have laid claim to my Beau's rebel and have become slightly addicted too it. But still know next to nothing about it! So I thought Id sign up to try to learn some! I mostly only do Autocross...