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    Looking to buy DSLR camera with Wifi and touch screen and imprint date and time

    Dear folk At work I have been required to do survey in a field where there is a telco tower of 50 meter height or lower Looking to buy DSLR camera under around $800 has Wifi and Touch screen LCD and imprint date and time ,,,,,I found Canon EOS 250D or it is called Canon EOS Rebel SL3 I read it...
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    Panasonic DC-FZ80 add timestamp how ?

    Dear folk Recently I got Panasonic DC-FZ80 to use it for survey photos ,,,,,and I tried to google it but i couldn't find it How can I time stamp photos when I capture them ? Means I need each photo to show time and date Thx
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    Image change "Program name" properties

    Dear Experts I have a pictures that was taken by my Samsung galaxy S3 initial "Program name" properties as per the attached file I modified the pictures using adobe Photoshop now the "Program name" shows adobe instead of the origin name Is there a utility that can change the "Program name"...
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    Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-S950 increase volume speaker

    Hi I tried to capture a movie by using Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-S950, but when I tried to playback the movie on the camera the sound is too low (barely you can hear it) , I tried to access the menu to increase the volume , but I could not figure out where is that ,,,,I tried google and the...