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    I'm back!

    :stun: :stun: :stun: :stun: :stun: :stun: Well no, not really. But I just thought I'd say hi. :mrgreen:
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    Fun with the 50mm.

    Wow, it feels like I haven't been on here in years! ;) I recently got Canon's 50mm f/1.8 lens, which I am totally and utterly in love with. Here's some of the latest favorites, C&C is welcome: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
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    A mother murdering her own child? Sick.

    The saddest part is that I met them once. My mom tutors for this less-fortunate school in Berkeley, and once she was taking me to the same area so I could get some urban shots. As we were getting back into the car, we passed this adorable little boy with his mom. All of a sudden, my mom started...
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    A Touch Of Autumn

    It rained the other day.... What do you think? :mrgreen:
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    I've betrayed you guys.

    :-P Yeah, it doesn't exactly say "TPF", but I'm posting it anyways. ;) Comments, critique?
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    Shiver me timbers? National Talk Like a Pirate day, anyone? :pirate:
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    Feet, simply.

    Sorry for the small-ish sizes. I seem to enjoy photographing feet. (Nah, it's not a fetish, it's just fun. :lol:) Comments and critique? 1. Summer Feet. 2. It's not perfectly in focus, sadly. :meh: 3. Okay, I lied. These happen to be feetless shoes. ;)
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    Sea Ranch-- the beach

    I went with my dad up to Sea Ranch (CA) for Labor Day weekend, and spent the majority of my time at the beach. :mrgreen: Comments and/or critique? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.
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    Yes, no, maybe so?

    Wow, I haven't been posting much lately... so here's a random photo from my millions. ;) I went to the California state fair, held in Sacramento, last Friday with my dad. Surprisingly, I only took about 65 photos total, but at at least most of the ones I did take turned out. This shot reminds...
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    ...should be considered a real word on Firefox.
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    Midnight Tea

    Feel free to rip it apart-- I want honest C&C. :thumbup:
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    Ferry Building, SF

    C&C? 1) 2) 3)
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    Screen problem-- computer whizzes?

    For the last couple days my laptop screen has been, well, screwed up. There's these blueish horizontal lines covering the entire bottom portion of my screen, from the bottom to about 3 inches up. I tried taking a screen shot, but it turned out normal looking. It's finally starting to frustrate...
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    Meteor Shower

    Anyone watching tonight's meteor shower? :mrgreen:
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    Santa Fe (assorted shots)

    C&C? Sorry for the size. ;) 1. Besides the fact that it's clearly shot out of the back of a car.... 2. My first successful lightning shot. :mrgreen: 3. Tent Rocks, which is now a national monument. About five years ago hardly anyone but my grandfather knew about this place, and we'd take...
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    'The Tourist Guy'

    Sorry about that.
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    Photoshop help-- toning and colors.

    I've been wanting to do more portrait photography recently, and have been searching photos on flickr, taken with the same equipment that I have, that obviously have some unique post-processing on them. As far as I know, the only way to achieve effects like these is by using Photoshop Actions...
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    Auberge de Soleil-- Wedding shots (C&C please).

    I shot my dad's wedding with my new DSLR last Friday, July 20th, and I'm sad to say that only one shot came out. I would like C&C though, and I might post some more here later, although this one is definitely my best out of the few 'okay' ones.
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    A little girl I 'became friends with' at our local 4th of July parade. She had the sweetest smile and I just had to photograph her, even though she refused to pose since she was so adamant on collecting candy and watching the floats. I originally made the contrast a little stronger and added a...
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    The little dancer

    I thought this turned out nicely for what it was-- a quick snap taken in harsh lighting late at night. ---- On the cruise ship there was a 'Greek buffet' night, out on the top deck, as we were sailing towards Athens. They had tons of yummy Greek food, as well as classic Greek dancing. Mostly...