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    Ah Chicago.......

    Now that's an awesome photograph! I love the edit as well. It's perfect.
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    Roads of Midnight

    I've scarcely seen photos that are able to express the grim landscape of a city like yours. The subject matter of these photos is so disgusting, but you have a way of making it look beautiful, if that makes any sense:lol:. Great work.
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    I wish this was my Christmas Present

    Let me guess. Hollywood?:lol:
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    A few of my photo's!

    Wow, those tracks are very cool! Where in MA is that, if you don't mind? I live in Mass too, I'd like to check that spot out.
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    One Stock Honda S2000

    Very nice shot of an awesome car.I love how the yellow leaves in the foreground pick up on the yellow paint.
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    The Valley

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    Private dock on a calm night. I used Sepia on both of these. 1. 2.
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    Peeping through...

    Really cool shot. You spelled boring incorrectly though.
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    You know what man, that picture is awesome just how it is. I can totally imagine a zombie strolling by. I gotta say, you really know how to show the gritty scene in LA. Good work.
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    The band

    So I went to see some friends perform tonight and decided to bring my camera, maybe not the best thing to bring into a bar packed with drunks. This was my first experience trying to capture something like this so some of my exposures are lacking as I was messing around with ISO and different...
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    My Day - Car Accidents and Cloud Rivers

    I like the last few shots of the sunset, those are really cool. What are you driving there? Kinda looks like a BMW.
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    Weird Angle at night

    I just checked out your flickr too. You've got an amazing eye for photography, your pictures have a soul. Oh, and I like this photo too.
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    Just two photos

    The first one doesn't do much for me, but that's just my personal taste and doesn't mean there is anything wrong with it. I have plenty of photos that I've posted which I like, but nobody else seems to care:lol:
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    From the zoo

    What great shots of such amazing animals. I think you're ready for National Geographic.
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    Wow, that's one for the wall.
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    Just two photos

    I really like the second picture. It has a calm feeling to it. Nice capture.
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    Moon, lighthouse, power lines.

    Thanks for the replies. Believe it or not, the color of the moon is completely accurate, it had an orange hue when it was rising that night. I know it's way overexposed which is why it would appear to be the sun:) but I don't know how to shoot that and still retain any kind of light in the...
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    Girdwood Alaska

    #2 leaves me speachless, best landscape I've seen in a while. Nice work on all of these.
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    Wow, that is absolutely beautiful! Awesome capture.
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    abstract macro

    I love this photo. It reminds me of beach grass. What lense did you use for this?