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    Online Learning

    Looking to take an online course for DSL/Photography basics. Any suggestions on a reputable site would be appreciated.
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    Project for C&C

    He either NEVER cooks in that oven or it is brand new :) I love the shots.
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    Trip to DC-CC please

    I am going to DC at the end of February. Hope I do as well. I am excited about the trip, upgraded my D40 to a D90 with two new lens's for the trip.
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    Need some comments please!

    I love the look of anticipation on the kids face in the first shot :)
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    Oh, you sexy D90!

    Why is my picture so small? I used photo bucket. I just removed my post until I can figure out how to post real size pics. Hope Santa comes thru for you.
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    Oh, you sexy D90!

    I also upgraded from the D40 to the D90. I am not dissapointed in my decision. I really like the camera, I find it much more user friendly than the D40. With the camera I purchased two prime lens, a 28 mm and a 85 mm. I love both of them. I also went out and purchased a book ( the authors...
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    Meagans Bay C & C

    I remember the cab ride to Meagans Bay! Van full of people, doors wide open, winding our way up the side of a mountain full speed! Nice shot.
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    Sun set on the pier

    I like it.
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    1st time posting yada yada C & C please?

    I like the boat shot, I am a sucker for those.
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    Taking night photos of stars and moon.

    It would be either or, not both at the same time.
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    Taking night photos of stars and moon.

    Those are the only things I think I did do correctly
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    Taking night photos of stars and moon.

    I would like some advise on taking pictures of the moon and stars. Last night I went out and took some pictures and they did not turn out that great. I set my camera to the " bulb " setting and my ISO at 200. I left the shutter open for between four and 10 seconds. The star shots turned out...
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    Kayak trip on the Pecos river C&C pls

    I like 1 and 2. Number 1 would make a great gift framed for the person in the photo.
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    Family Shoot from Yesterday (Google Search Booking!)

    They are nice but I thought that the pose on # six was a bit unflattering.....
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    Thank you, that is what I thought.
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    I notice that many people post pictures with their names and " frames" . What are individuals using to create these features? It may be simple but I really don't know.
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    Photoshop elements 7, can this be done

    I have an object " chipster " ( it is actually a wine stopper in the shape of a chipmunk ..and yes there is a story that goes along with this ) What I want to do is super impose " chipster " into a number of photo's without him being in the original photo. Can I take an individual picture of...
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    some photos

    I think they are stunning. I like how vibrant the colors appear.
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    First photos for C&C please

    very, very nice. I love #1 and #3