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    CC for first Newborn shoot please!

    This was our first newborn shoot shot in home, we are looking for some CC, thanks very much for your help! Matthew (Newborn) - MichaelAnthonyPhotography's Photos | SmugMug
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    So if you had to start over, how would you do it? Business model make-over.

    So we set up shop in April of this year. After playing with various business models, here is the basic one that we have set up with. Equipment invested in (everyone's gotta start somewhere) was a canon 550D, to replace our old SLR, a Tamron 70-200 2.8, 28-75 2.8, and a Tokina 12-24 F4 We also...
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    Should I trade 2 for 1?

    I currently own a Tamron 28-75 2.8, along with a 70-200 F 2.8. I am considering selling both and dropping a few hundred on a 24-70L. I currently shoot with a 550D My 28-75 is incredibly soft at 2.8, but sharpens up at F4. Kind of annoying, the build quality is amazingly cheap as well. My...
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    Copyright law question

    So here we go. I entered into a general partnership with a friend. He did not fill his obligation to the contract financially by the date set and the partnership agreement was null and void. He is trying to start a photography business of his own, and he screen captured images from my smugmug...
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    Student Portrait workflow

    So I got contracted by a school to photograph an 8th grade graduating class. I am estimating approximately 300 students or so. I am working with lightroom, cs5, and smugmug for proofing, does anyone have ideas for workflow?
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    Promotion question

    To the vets out there who remember the good ol' starting out days, We are running a promotion to get people in the door with a local publication, it is basically $29.00 for a half hour shoot with a free 11X14. No digital files included. Obviously the point is to make up the loss leader with...
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    You know you photography is your life when........

    You are getting ready in the mirror and say "I can fix that in post processing" continue....
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    Caught this picture at the National Police Memorial in Washington DC

    This image was captured at the National Police Memorial in Washington DC. Of course I replaced the sky and such. I have been speaking with the Concerns of Police Survivors Foundation in order to set it up so that the proceeds are given to charity to help the families of police officers that...
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    Getting found on Google!

    Well guys, my partner and I just opened up shop. We are going to be running a portrait photography company. I live in a small city outside of Los Angeles, called Santa Clarita. I want to SEO my site so that I get found when people type in Santa Clarita Photographer. I do not think that...
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    A quick blog on composition.

    I am by no means an experienced blogger, but I thought I would reach out to some first time shooters and give them a really really brief tutorial on composition. Check it out below AR Photo - Composition
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    Quincenera (sp?)

    So tomorrow we have our first paid event. We are doing a quincenera for a friend of a friend for $500.00, my partner contracted us for 5 hrs:meh:. Whatever, its our first one. I have looked up shots for him (he will be shooting it) and tried to give him an idea. Are there any other things...