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    Big Sky - 370k warning (panorama)

    Too much sky? Not enough sky? Didn't have my tripod with me so had to crop mismatched edges after merging 4 photos. Also is my first attempt using photo stitch software. I have downsized for posting but file is still quite large.
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    So upset with myself

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    Faded Memories

    Wish someone had the determination to restore that old Chevy. ;) Took these in my local area. The sky lent a melancholic mood that seemed to merge with the subject. Do you think the second two are too dark?
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    I took these last July at my son's wedding. Now I have another daughter. :)
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    seeking advice - photographing agates

    Using a Canon Powershot G5. My first attempt at shooting agate stones and jewelry was pretty much a failure. Out of about 66 shots, only one or two are even half decent. The problem seems to be primarily a lighting issue. I want to get the light through the stone, and not just reflecting off the...
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    afternoon stroll

    Went for a walk with my camera this afternoon. Was a little chilly, but I managed to shoot a few decent shots. Here are a couple. I titled this one 'Fallen'. The second one I call 'Abandoned'.
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    My grandchildren

    My son's kids in the first and my daughter's son in the second. They were taken about 4 years ago. Looks like my scanner needed dusting on the first one.
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    playing with ice crystals

    I apologize for these being a little out-of-focus. I'm still trying to master the features on my new digital camera. I had it set on macro and auto focus when taking these, and the camera kept trying to focus on objects beyond the window where the crystals were. I've been studying my manual...
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    Winter Scenes

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    Tiny Nest

    An experimental image. Comments and suggestions are most welcome.
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    This is an old photo taken about... oh... twenty-five years ago. (?) We attended many fur-trade era reenactment rendezvous. My only regret is that I never got a night shot of the tipis glowing like Chinese lanterns in the darkness. This was one of the bigger 'vous that we attended. Not all of...
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    Window to the Badlands

    I took this last summer in Medora, North Dakota. It is a tourist trap, but interesting place to visit nonetheless. The 'Gentle Giants' photo was also taken at the same location on the same day.
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    Morning Mist

    Early morning photo of the alfalfa field behind our house. Taken this past summer with Pentax 35mm.
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    Fire & Ice

    I added a haiku to this photo.
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    Gentle Giants

    These big boys work for a livin'. This one was kind enough to pose. I converted from color to sepia tones in Paint Shop Pro.
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    Winter Tree

    My first attempt at posting a photo here. I took this one in color on 35mm film, but converted it to B&W in Paint Shop and softened the focus. Was going for the cold, desolate winter feel.
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    Have been looking over the site and really like what I see so far. Thought I'd pop in here to quickly introduce myself. I live in eastern Montana in the lower Yellowstone River valley, not too far from the confluence of the Missouri River. I am the mother of two grown children and the...