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    Shipping Charges

    Is it just me or have shipping charges to Canada increased? Im looking for a new shoulder strap like the op/tech or similar. For me to get it across the border im looking at anyware between 30-75. Iv looked at just about every camera store in canada and im still looking at around 20-30 for...
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    sync toy

    I often see alot of posts of people asking how to sync files between severall computers or a network drive. Stumbled across this today and seems to work really well. and best of all its free Download details: SyncToy 2.1
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    Fourm Issues

    Im thinking their is a bug someware on the site. for the last few days i have been getting a popup for Adobe flash to install a add on. The first time i clicked ok as it looked legit. it imidately crashed my IE. Had to reset IE in order to be able to open it again. I see teh popup is still...
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    Networking issues

    Hoping someone has some fresh ideas. I have my home network with my main computer running win 7 with my HP 1600 laser printer atached. I have 2 laptops bith with vista running. At one point i had them both networked to access the printer through the network. Yesterday i went to enable the backup...
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    New flash

    I just got a new 430ex II flash for xmas for my T1i. For al my xmas photos i used the auto setting on both the flash and camera just to avoid any bad pic's since this was my baby girls first christmas. I noticed that alot of the pic had a excess amound of noise in them and i had to max out the...
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    Photoshop elements 9

    I just got elements 9 not to long ago and it seems to have trouble importing both RAW and JPG photos. It has imported most of my photo's but their are a few that it seems to give me a error in and then refuses to import the rest of the folder. All my pic's work fine in other programs and...
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    Newbie and baby pics

    Newbie here... Just got a T1i a month or so ago due to my old point and shoot not being fast enough to catch the shots i wanted of my 3 month old baby girl. I have been looking at one of these for some time so this gave me the perfect excuse... Now my problem is im trying to stay out of full...