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    B&W Client Shoot

    I am new to the site and want to say Hi and show a few of a shoot I did for a guy last month in B&W. He was excellent to work with and was willing to take suggestions. He liked the photos too! I cannot seem to figure out how to post photos here..any help? Thanks. Carly
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    Heres What Lake Erie (and Ajax) sent my way

    Some of the same storm that Ajax had yesterday blew in here today...
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    A few i took before I left Montana...
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    Montana Skies--add your skies to this thread

    I loved the skies in Montana; when I lived there I took a lot of photos of the Big Sky State. Add your faves to this thread....
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    Montana Wildlife---Gopher Included

    Some wildlife I found in Montana. Wild Antelopes ---they run if they see you blink. Two cows...a herd is called cattle, but Im not sure about just two:meh: Gophers everywhere! These were in my backyard...."Okay, which way did she go?" Zoo in North Dakota Wild Buffalo herd found on the...
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    Let's Get It On, Snapping Turtle Style

    Caught this at a local petting zoo...this is more than "petting"--- Enjoy!! First the frontal approach... The much used Karma Sutra side approach.... Ground Zero!! "Wait," he she leaves, muttering to herself "These young guys just arent worth the trouble."...
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    The Girl Who Loved Western Horses

    Here are some i took while in exile in northern Montana for a year.... Field boarded friends The soft eye of an older paint of a friend of mine....I loved this guy. A Mare and her colt... This guy always had he is walking away from me and saying : Enough already! This...
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    My Favorite UE Photos---aka:RE

    These are not Urban Exploration, but Rural Exploration, which is the only kind I could get to for a year (I was in the Witness Protection Program)--translated that means I lived in Northern Montana for a year.... The doorway to the Tampico post office where my Dad and his family got the mail...
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    Old cars, trucks

    Here are a few I took awhile ago.
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    Great Horses for Cowboys Daughter

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    Miles and Miles of Roads

    I love roads so here are some interesting ones. C&C welcome
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    CP of A Lonely Man

    Found this fellow and took his photo, but I lost it...I used it for the reference photo to do this CP drawing. Got the colors of his clothes to match. He was a really sad looking guy.
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    Beach Kid

    Here are several of a shoot I did on New Year's Day 2007 in 60 degree weatheer in upstate NYS on a small lake....
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    My Cat Stuffed In Her Basket

    This is one of my cats and she loves to stuff herself in a basket and mess around....later all the cats are rewarded with a party...
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    The Montana Rodeo Series

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    Boxing Deer

    Happened to be fortunate enough to catch this the other night...
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    macro horses

    Horses, Macro and shallow DOF __________________ Starry, starry night... carlyView Public ProfileSend a private message to carlySend email to carlyFind More Posts by carlyAdd carly to Your Buddy List
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    What is It??

    I have posted several things on here and I never get a reply although there are plenty of lookers. If my work is not so hot, then crit it, tell me, if it's boring, please let me know. I joined for the same reasons everyone else did, but i see only 0 when i look at my post Please tell...
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    Horses, Macro and shallow DOF