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    First ever portrait

    just a tad too lightened i think you PS'ed those eyes didnt you? its a good portrait. even if it doesn't follow the rule of thirds but theres something about the positioning, it just doensn't seem right. theres jsut somethign about it i can't put my finger on. maybe theres too much dead...
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    forget the $200 tripods i just bought Kodak Gear tripod off ebay for $20 and its bloody solid. not as many level indicators as i would like, theres only 1, and it doens't work to well but the thing is rock solid. i went to a camera store and shook around the tripods a bit. the chepater ones...
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    Critque a beginner here...

    with the first picture, i think the other two trees on the side as a bit of a 'side note' kinda thing are distrating perharpsy ou ocould centre them more, or just put the one tree on right not its distracting away from teh main tree there
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    cute couple

    lovely candid shot one for a frame but the girl could be more animated though
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    " The Changing of the Guard "

    clouds do add to the atmosphere was that a fluke?
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    New England Landscapes

    i like it. simple. beautiful. teeny weeny bit overexposed and your horizon is off
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    " Mosey Morning "

    its is foggy or is the DOF not that big
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    Please Critique - Springs

    no, i think we both mean that take the springs front on, close range and have the lines that seperate the springs in line with the lines of the rule of thirds just a suggestion not sure how itll look
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    Red Tail

    those are some really good shots in lucky bugger theres no cool birds around where i live
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    Sony A700 - anyone have one?

    from one review i've read i heard that its not that good for the price, might as well buy a Canon and also it has a very small number of lenes with limited availability but appreantly Sony will soon vamp up its lens production
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    Just how bad is 18-200?

    eh, those pictures are pretty good could somebody point out the flaws/limitations of them to me?
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    Does there have to be a billion lenses

    not sure if its been said, but if you love taking picture of people get a 50mm 1.4
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    The Leaf

    very interestintg picture i like it perhaps you could have composed it so that the leaf adnt ehshadowfollow the rule of thirds, that wouuld have made it better
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    Please Critique - Springs

    look up rule of thirds thats what he was talking about i think thats a good suggestion, the three springs would work well like that
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    love the blue background, at least you got some keepers out of it great
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    City Square at Dusk

    sweet pic
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    I can see you

    the subject should be the eye i reckon and its slightly too blown out. but i think it works well. but jsut a teeny smidge too much love the composition teeny too much of nothing at the bottom though
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    how about roosters in kauai?

    bit overexposed eh? weird light source coming from the top. theres just something missing maybe the background is distracting, bigger aperture would help maybe too bad the guy isn't looking at the camera, the pose is a bit boring was this taken with a PnS?
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    Some of my first pictures

    did you use a soft focus filter? or is that just a bi-product of the phot scan? if the soft focus filter was intentionsal, i LOVE the use of it in the first picture really adds to it maybe a bit less of that branch though, thats still good compisition though i like how the water is half...