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    please delete my profile - can't find a place to do it myself, thanks!
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    amateur guests

    ... it happens all the time. a guest takes photos at a wedding. they are now professionals and post it on their photography business facebook page. wouldn't bother me, if the guests can find their photos then they should be able to find yours and see the obvious difference. and if there is...
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    How did you start or maybe why

    researched the market need, learned, bought business equipment or because it was so easy, why not.
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    You know I bought a plunger the other day and I unclogged my kitchen sink. I did a rather good job and got some satisfaction out of it. I think I'll start a plumbing business. Sorry - just had to vent after leaving the 'beginner's forum'. No need to respond really, I'm done. Maybe one more...
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    you create from scratch two separate advertisements for a DJ company - 1 postcard (ordered 100) and 1 20x30 movie style poster. they're top notch. what would YOU charge them? (please ignore factors such as location, experience, quality, how they'd use it, etc -- thanks, trying to get a mean...
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    beach model (NSFW)

    posting this here for more exposure: see gallery here thanks for browsing
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    model shoot (NSFW)

    visiting the south and wanted to take photos of the beach, but it's much better with scenery in the foreground...
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    another 4th

    Hi everyone - it's good to be back - just returned from Iraq. I love the states!
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    release charge

    you have a wedding set of pics on cd that contain 300 pics and another wedding that has only 50 (small wedding). how do you charge for the copyright release so they can print them at their pick of location? one standard fee or per file?
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    glamour model

    for your review:
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    processing - yuk

    went to a popular copier service to get some shots "developed" from a cd. thought it might be decent. apparently they just use a printer - a bad one at that. there were striations on the pics, edges cut off - I had it sized at 8x10 and they printed on 8.5x11. wonder if I can get my money...
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    for those of you who use the upload services for your photography, say shooting various pics at a party, - how do you get the word out to everyone of the fact that the pics will be online for purchase? or even a wedding. cards on tables, pile at the door, dj, ?? And also, do you find it worth...
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    new model pics

    some work with a current model
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    presell event packages

    I just checked out a professional upload site that had a $99 set up fee, no monthly fee - just charged a percentage of sales - and had a feature where you could charge people at the event for packages and gave them a ticket provided by this site where they could simply log in and receive their...
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    rebel hotshoe

    I am looking for a hotshoe adaptor so I can connect a pc cord for a sync flash - anyone know of where I can find one?
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    Prom type shoot

    Looking for a price ranging for something like what's done at a prom. It's for an Air Force formal ball and then a squadron Christmas party. An area set up for taking pictures - they say it will be for about an hour, but I don't buy that. And then I guess the individual or couple will order...
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    how are these prices?

    I'm in a population deprived locale (north dakota) and I haven't really checked out the other photographers around here but how do these prices look in general - too high, too low? I tried to get an expecting mother to be photographed offering her a free 8X10 and she said - yeah but I still...
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    halloween carnival

    I had a photography booth at the local halloween carnival past two days and boy was I busy! Took greenscreen shots of the (mostly) kids then put in a choice of background - the process took a little while as most of you probably know, and I had a line of people! All that for only 2.50 a pic -...
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    for those of you who sell packages - I'm trying to offer a coupon and would like some inspiration as to what to offer. (50% off sitting fee etc.) Thanks!
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    too racy

    I'm attending a "ladies' night out" where I will have a booth set up. I'm wanting to push the glamour shots and something along the lines of suggestive nudity/boudoir - any suggestions on what to call this - those sound too much if you know what I mean. I don't want it to come across as girls...