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    YeeHaw! Another Cowboy loving Bride!

    These are awesome photos. You obviously know your stuff. One thing I was curious about was in number three, did the girl move, or is there some different coloration next to the atm machine, between the girl and her fiance?
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    Things in my room

    You have an Italian villa in your room? Must be a BIG room! :wink:
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    From the chateaux

    I would think that the slant of the staircase windows and structure might be made more evident if the picture was taken with the straight elements of the rest of the building (the part on the left of the photo) at the horizontal. Does that make sense? In other words, essentially rotate the photo...
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    12 hours of sebring

    Just FYI - that's one of the drivers' (probably the exiting driver) seat insert. They're custom made for each driver so that they're comfortable in the car. I'd love to go to any of the ALMS endurance races, and plan to get over to Le Mans at some point in time. Thanks for sharing.
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    Trying to Decide on a Website Overhaul ... Or Not?

    I think the overall layout is clean and concise. But I do think that the pages lack both uniformity and pizzazz. For instance, on sun.html (and other pages) there are large blocks of grids outlining the details of the pictures. Since this is primarily a website to show off your photographs, what...