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    What is the best thumbnail organizer out there?

    I have all my photos on 852 CD/DVD Roms (and counting). I have each disk numbered and in disk binders with each sleeve numbered. Now I want to create a thumbnail index. I have tried ThumbsPlus 7, but it is geared more to hard drives. It has a a folder called Offline CD Roms but I could only ever...
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    Thumbnail/Contact Sheet Software

    I back up my personal data (photos as well as other files) onto CD and DVD Rom. I have recently taken on the task of creating contact sheets for all my CDs and DVDs. I was using Photoshop 7's built in contact sheet maker, but ran into two issues: 1) It tries to make thumbnails of files that...
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    How Was This Done?

    Has anyone seen the cover of the new Weird Al Yankovic CD Straight Out of Linwood? See it here: I realize this is photoart, but I was wondering if anyone could explain in more detail some of the techniques used here. I really like this effect. Thanks, Joe
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    Photography since 9/11 *moved*

    I am a photo-artist. I enjoy taking digital photos of ordinary objects and editing them in Photoshop and creating art. I am finding it increasingly difficult to do this since 9/11 and wanted to know if anyone else experienced this and how they handle it. At a previous job, I had a co-worker that...