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    Sigma 70-200mm 2.8 - Nikon Mount - MintCondition

    Its been used maybe three times total for maybe 150 shots max. Purchased from Adorama brand new. Still have the receipt and its still under warranty. Still in the box. Absolute mint condition. I'd love to see $700 for this lens but I guess that's negotiable. Will only accept PayPal as payment.
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    How to create rounded corners within a frame.

    hello, i'm wondering if someone can help me create a photoshop action in the simplest way possible to get this effect: i know how to create a squared frame using canvas size but not quite sure about the rounded corners. any help is appreciated. thank you.
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    Lustre or Glossy?

    just wondering what most of you prefer when ordering prints. did a very little bit of research and it appears pros prefer a lustre or matte finish over glossy due to its durability, etc. if any of you could give some pros and cons for each that would be cool. thanks.
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    FS: Canon Rebel XTi w/ Great Accessories

    Interested in selling my Rebel XTi along with the following: 18-55mm Kit lens 50mm 1.8 1GB Kingston CF Memory card Extra Battery 4 Aftermarket Lens Hoods (2 metal/2 rubber collapsable) 1 Canon Rebel XTi Digital Field Guide (excellent book) This camera is in pristine condition. It was...
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    What are you walking around with?

    okay, i've been shooting with high end "prosumer" p/s cams for quite some time now and now that i've jumped into a dslr i'm trying to figure out what best suits my needs. basically i am looking for ideas/suggestions pertaining to good walkaround lenses. lately my 50mm has been heavily used but i...
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    are these terms interchangeable? was looking at the new sigma 50mm 1.4 but AF only works with camera bodies that support HSM. if this is the same as USM then no problem. anyone know?
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    How do you pack your camera bag?

    i have a rebel xti with the kit lens and a 50mm lens and i have a small (but still bigger than i currently need) adorama slinger camera bag. i was just wondering what the best way to pack the bag would be? i have done some research online and haven't really found much. i always keep a lens on...
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    Canon CR2 Compatibility with RSE/RSP

    i have been experimenting with RAW images and wanted to try my hand at HDR so i downloaded Raw Shooter Premium and apparently it does not support Canon's CR2 format. after a couple of hours googling possible solutions, the closest i have come to finding a resolution was to download Adobe's DNG...
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    hello, i am new to the forum and i wanted to ask some more experienced and knowledgeable members for some advice. i recently purchased my first dslr which is the rebel xti along with the 18-55mm kit lens and i am already contemplating purchasing a new lens to compliment the 18-55. i have been...