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    Testing out my camera and lens

    Hi Everybody, How do you test out the performance of your lens and camera? What kind of shots do you take? What kind of tests do you perform? Which tests can be done indoor with an on board flash, high iso or tripod and slow shutter speeds? I'm guessing there are some fairly standard ways...
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    Some of my first pictures

    I'd like to improve my photography by submitting these pictures for your comment. I'd like to know what you would have done to make it a better picture. These are not my best pictures, but in each case I was trying to capture a subject as best I could. Maybe I could have done it better. What...
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    Getting a second Nikon Camera and Lens

    Hi Everybody, We got our first SLR, a D80 with an 18-200VR lens about 6 months ago. Its been fantastic. We are spending more time on photography and its become a real love for me and my wife. The only problem is we are always squabbling over who's turn it is to take some photos, who's taking...
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    Hi Everybody, We have been having a lot of fun with our Nikon D80. We are getting familiar with the operation of the camera. But I am still a bit confused by exposure and metering. I shoot mostly in aperture priority mode so I can control the depth of field for the mostly landscape type...
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    Efficient Digital Image Management

    Hi Everybody, So we've had our first DSLR for some time now and we love it. Picture quality has taken a quantum leap (mostly because we pay more attention to what we are doing) and we are enjoying taking photos more. But real usability of our photos has gone down. On our point and shoot it...
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    Taking our new camera for a spin

    Hi All, After _a lot_ of deliberation we bought our first DSLR last weekend. We upgraded our Canon S40 which has served us well for 5 years and got a Nikon D80 with a 18-200 lens with vibration reduction. We're very excited! Anyway, this weekend we are going into the mountains to try it out...