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    Amateur needs feedback & help

    Dear all Finally I bought a Canon Rebel XT and have done some experiments with it. This is first ever SLR camera I am using and really have begun loving it. I have uploaded some images here: Kindly see and let me have your feedback. You can leave your...
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    Basic questions

    Hi Any advice for someone new to photography and still learning. There are few questions which I request you folks to please respond: 1-Any online resources (not a full time online course, cant afford at this point), online tutorials that could help me to establish basic and good photography...
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    Camera within my reach

    Dear all Merry Christmas to all of you I have been discussing the possibilities of buying a SLR camera within $500 and so far the news are not good. They say that SLR can't be bought with this range. I wan't to learn photography but I can't go with too expensive buying. I have no idea what...
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    Yashika Electro 35

    Hi Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all I have Yashika Electro 35. Can't find it's batteries these days. Can I still take photographs in daylight? A vendor told me that he could make the flash light system direct which would make the flash lights non-dependable to these Camera...
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    Want to buy a Digital Camera

    Thanks for your responses Sideburns and HolyGhosted. What if I increase my budget upto $500. Are Olympus or Sony less expensive brands as compared to Nikkon or Canon? I saw a documentary on National Geographic, they conduct photo training camps and use Olympus digital cameras to train amateur...
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    Want to buy a Digital Camera

    Hi This is my first posting and I am all new here. I am about to buy a digital camera as long as I find it affordable. My range would be around $300-350 My primary objectives would be: 1) to use it for indoor or outdoor photography to finally move myself from P&S camera user to a more...