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    Kentucky landscape pt. 1

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    Kentucky landscape pt. 2

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    Nikon Card problems

    I've had a few times lately when I've shot a cards worth of shots with my D70... look fine on the camera.. go to dump them the next day on my computer and none of the files work. All are corrupted.. anybody have a similar experience and/or solution. So far I've been fortunate enough to be able...
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    What percent...

    of photos that you take are you really in to, in the long term. How many portfolio pieces do you get per 100 shots? Just curious, I've been sorting through everything I've shot for the last two years and I'm figuring about 1-2% are real keepers.
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    Ghosts of Dixie

    Found these statues wandering around Louisville... very disturbing to me.
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    Si se puede

    photos from immigration rally in Lexington, Kentucky. Not so timely but....
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    iris 1

    shot this weekend..
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    Floral details

    Just got a new lens and went poking around at the local botanical gardens. More to come soon.
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    kids at play

    Shot this for work last night. Feedback is welcome.
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    Kentucky landscape pt. 2

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    Kentucky landscape pt. 1

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    Morning at the track

    Been a while... shot this the other morning in Lexington, KY. I like the colors, lines and composition as well as the subject entering the barn but am looking for some advice on improving it....
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    Silo ladder

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    The bridge is over

    Kind of small, sorry.
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    Large prints from digital files???

    I've been shooting with a D70 for about a year now and have built up a large collection that I'd like to make some big prints(3x4') of. Any advice???someone told me I could output to a slide and then scan the slide or print from the slide.. sounds like a pretty ineffeicient process to me..
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    Morning at the track, pt. 2

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    Morning at the track, pt. 1

    Had to shoot at Keeneland in Lexington, KY for an article on horse trainers..I'll post a couple more later.
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    A lot of toning to the sky but I loved the effect..
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