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    Broken Canon SX700HS

    I was unsure where to post this so il just put it in here, Looking for some advice on my Canon SX700HS, the lens has been problematic for a while and today it finally decided to stop working. From what ive read its a common fault on this camera but i cant find any information on repairing it...
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    Few from Seville, Spain

    Just a few shots from a recent holiday in Spain, Nikon D3200 w/ Tokina 11-16 F2.8 and a Nikkor 35mm F1.8 prime Comments welcome =) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
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    A Cathedral and a Library..

    Both taken on a recent trip to Prague, Nikon D3200 w/ Tokina 11-16mm DX II Thanks for looking.
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    Lens suggestions

    Looking for some help picking out a new lens, i have a Nikon D3200 camera so it needs to suit DX camera's, i will upgrade to a D7100 body in the future most likely so i would like to use it with that too without having to take crop factor into consideration for an fx lens. Untill i move to the...
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    Glencoe, Scotland

    Shot from a moving car doing about 60mph, turned out better than expected C&C welcome
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    Just a flower

    Looking for some C&C mostly on the editing side of things, recently got a 35mm prime dx lens for my D3200 and im still getting used to it. heres an edited and un edited photo, albeit both cropped to be roughly the same Shot at f1.8 1/320 shutter speed, matrix metering, ISO 400, exposure...
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    Photogenic lizard

    Snapped this on a recent trip to Italy, probably one of my best photos from the trip i think
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    Positano, Amalfi Coast

    Just back from a recent trip to Italy, some of the photos arent as sharp as i would have liked but heres one anyway
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    Edinburgh Castle

    Some shots from todays trip to the castle, i grew up in Edinburgh but this is my first time going to the castle since i was 8 or 9 years old. Took a few attempts to get shots with no one in the way, some could have been better but nevermind. C&C welcome 1 2 3 4 5
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    Lens suggestions for D3200

    Looking for lens suggestions as im finding as bit confusing figuring out crop factor etc, I have a 18-55 kit lens but im looking for something with better optics. I think the lens is fairly sharp already but i would like something better for when i go to Italy in June. I do most of my shooting...
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    Cheap Nikon Lens

    Ive seen some Nikon fitment lenses on ebay for cheap, at the moment i only have the 18-55mm kit lens that came with my d3200. Im well aware these lenses wont produce images as high in quality as some people might like however i think they might work well as a learning curve for my photography...
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    Abandoned Mental Asylum, Scotland

    This place is less than a 5 minute drive from my home so i took the camera up to try get used to it a bit more. Still very new to photography and editing but i thought this was an interesting subject regardless. I plan on going back again and trying to get some better shots in the near...
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    First DSLR photo attempts

    Using a Nikon D3200 with a 18-55 lens, really enjoying it so far. Looking to buy a good quality tripod and remote shutter release next. First time using a Nikon camera so im still finding my way about Thanks for looking.
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    Canon 1200D or Nikon D3200, first DSLR

    There are comparisons online about these 2 entry level DSLR's but i hope to get more accurate info for my camera needs on here Both cost about the same and both come with 18-55mm lenses. I wouldnt say photography was a big hobby for me but i would like a good-ish camera to use regardless, I...
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    Some veiws in Scotland

    Been trying to get to grips with editing software and using a camera on full manual. These photos are from a recent trip along the west coast of Scotland 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. C&C welcome, thanks for looking
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    Various beginner photos

    Hi everyone, thought i would post up some recent photos ive taken for comments and critisism Camera used is a Canon SX700 HS, No tripod, All taken in manual JPEG, Very little editing using GIMP Hope everyone likes them, any tips or pointers using the camera or editing software...
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    Canon SX700 HS SD card issues

    Hi everyone, Im new to the forum and photography in general, i bought my mum a Canon SX700 HS for her christmas just passed to replace her low end Kodak digital camera. After a bit of research i settled on the Canon because of its size and ability to use manual, also with a great zoom too. I...