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    Ansco Shur Shot

    There is one set shutter speed, and I know for a fact that it opens and closes, I can see the light come through when I operate the camera without any film loaded, and the back open. Also, I don't think there is a lens... it's a pinhole.. or a version of a pinhole. Thanks
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    Ansco Shur Shot

    Has anyone had success shooting with this camera? I have tried two rolls of film, one 100iso and one 400iso. Each produces maybe one out of eight images, and the result is extremely, extremely faint. Nothing substantial enough to pull a print from. Am I doing something wrong? I am...
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    Minor Sand Issue

    Hello Everyone, I'm on vacation at the ocean right now, so I'm a little new to beach shooting. While crouching near the tide, some water splashed up and got my bag wet (it didn't get inside.) It got mostly a compartment where my lens tissue was, but there was some sand on the outside of a...
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    Fisheye Attachment?

    I have an XTi. I know the 15mm isnt an attachment, but I'm just saying it's out of my price range. I was asking in specific about the best brands, or somewhere I could look. I'd like to spend less than $100.
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    night pictures please critique

    What kind of camera are you using? I really think that they are nice shots, just the exposure settings were not right. I do not care for how yellow-oriented they are, although that is in some people's taste.
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    Fisheye Attachment?

    Hi guys, I am looking to buy a fisheye attachment, but I don't know where to start. I know for a fact to buy the Canon 15mm f/2.8 is out of my price range. I'd like an extender that fits on both a 52mm thread and a 58mm thread. Can anyone recommend anything? Or somewhere I'd look at...
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    Tamron 28-300 VC vs. Canon 70-300 IS USM

    Hi guys, I've got an internal struggle going on here: For the longest time I've been wanting the Tamron AF 28-300mm f/3.5-6.3 XR Di LD VC lens. I like this lens a LOT because of how compact it is, yet how wide the zoom range is. I also know the VC is remarkable because of the 3-coil system...
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    The Poster

    I don't like the text down at the bottom. It's too generic, and I'm against changing single letters to different colors to oppose the background. This is all my opinion though. If I were you, I'd put a drop shadow on the text so you can maintain a single color.
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    old blue eyes

    I think the blue is nice but much too extreme.
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    Self Portrait Photomanip

    Yeah, I had a UV filter applied and you know near the top of the windshield in a car where it's tinted blue- That came off in a reflection on the lens. Same with the dots too, I think. Thanks for all the good feedback! Is there any NONstereotypical shot of yourself holding your camera? Just...
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    Self Portrait Photomanip

    Thanks! I was just flipping through my fonts and thought, hey, that looks cool...
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    Credit: Hope that helps!
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    Yes. My friend did a shot of fencing, turned out beautifully. Would you like me to share it here?
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    Self Portrait Photomanip

    Hi guys, I made this and was looking for some feedback. Stereotypical shot, I know, but I love my camera. Thanks in advance.
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    Hot Bridge

    Hey! I think I know where that is, because I was thinking the same thing. Are you south of Chicago? And is it an Exxon Mobile plant?
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    Spec me a digital camera

    Canon Powershots are nice. I have had three before I got my digital SLR... First the A70, then the SD630, and my mom has a S3 IS, so I know what it's like to work with them. Their pictures are very nice, and if you like to edit on the computer, the photos they take are great to work with. Try...
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    I know this can be better...

    See, that's the thing, its really weird. I tried that, except the dot to show where center is THEN moved off to the right. It looks like it isn't centered but it is... ahh
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    I know this can be better...

    I tried black and white, too much white in the sky. A warming filter... might work, but I don't really see it happening. Thanks much for the suggestions though!
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    Cold Bridge

    Wow! Love it. I love the lights. How did you take this? Meaning, what settings?
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    Now, where's that cat....

    Did you put that lizard in there?