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    The Greatest

    Interesting write up for a photographer to consider ... Ali-Liston 50 Years Later: The Real Story Behind the Greatest Sports Photo of All Time
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    New public domain photos

    New York Public Library releases thousands of images into public domain New York Public Library releases thousands of images into public domain
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    If you're in the area ...

    DFW Photo Expo 2015
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    New monitor time

    I'll assume at least several of you are aware of my current "situation" in photography. A long time (Canon) film user who laid off photography for almost a decade once digital hit me with its menus and IMO dubious image quality. Now back into the hobby - and it's only a hobby for me - I have...
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    Point and shoot inspiration

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    LCD screens

    Can LCD screens be counted on as accurate views through the lens? Do they always show correct exposure? DOF?
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    Completely lost

    I just don't understand the reason this category of camera exists other than providing a manufacturer with 47 models in their line up vs the more typical 38. Anyone care to 'splain it to me?
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    Will resolution always win?

    I'm of two minds on this one. First, I'd say most "serious" shooters would say, yes, resolution is why you invest in greater quality in the gear. On the other hand, I have to ask, what is resolution? Is it not the ability to convey the concept behind why the image was captured? I was just...
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    Magic Lantern guides

    Hope this isn't a repeat thread. I didn't notice these books being mentioned anywhere on the forum. I don't see these guides on display very often nowdays. They are, IMO, the owner's manual your camera's manufacturer should have given you. Also, check out the basic photograghic guides...
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    Canon SX50/SX520 manual focus

    While not exactly a "beginner" in photography, I am new to the current generation of compact cameras. (What an interesting marketing scheme of three dozen models from one manufacturer! Not "point and shoot" and not DSLR but rather a "compact" since the camera has the features and size of...