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    Princess Grace

    Saved from death row at the SPCA and is now happily ruling the household.
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    image gone.
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    Fox on Front Lawn

    There are foxes all over the place here, and this one decided to sit on the front lawn and call to all its pals.
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    Palm trees on a farm in Holguin, Cuba.
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    I haven't shot anything in a really long time. These were just spontaneous shots, I was kind of going for an artsy feel. Any comments on what I could have done differently to better capture that feeling are much appreciated. Thanks.
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    Cat + Rocks

    Let me know what you think. Thanks!
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    Let me know what you think, I want to hear from you! Thanks!
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    Well Read

    Thanks for looking. Comments or critique?
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    Halifax Dawn

    Shot through my dorm window. Thoughts?
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    Woods Series

    I went for a walk in my woods, but instead of coming back with shots of trees I ended up with these. Anyway, hope you like them and let me know what you think. Thanks!
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    Junk - An HDR

    My first ever HDR so I would love to know what you guys think and how I can improve. Thanks a lot!
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    Noisy Sky

    View from my step, the noise is on purpose for the effect I was going for. I like it, but I would love to know what you guys think. Thanks!
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    A shot from the campus at my school. If you wouldn't mind stating if you rather the black & white or colour version that would be great, also any comments on the photo itself are greatly welcome. Thanks.
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    I was trying for an old, beaten up look for these shots, and I kind of like the way the first one turned out. I intentionally made the second one noisy, but it looks like I over did it a bit. Oh well. C&C very much appreciated! Thanks! 1. 2. enjoi. coach.
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    First Full Black And White Series

    So, this is my first black and white series, I hope you guys like the shots, and any c&c is appreciated! Thanks. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. enjoi. coach.
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    Stuck Inside... I had to make do with what was around me. Hope you like them c&c welcome and appreciated! time goes by X-mas X-ams enjoi. coach.
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    T Birds

    The rules are... there ain't no rules! I hope you like it, C&C please! enjoi. coach.
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    The SKYY.

    Hope you like it, as always c&c greatly appreciated. drink responsibly.
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    Two New Random Shots...

    I haven't posted anything here in forever, my computer has been dead for awhile :\ But here are two new ones, love to hear your thoughts please! :) Phantom Glow Connection