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    PocketWizard Plus IIs and SB-800s

    Let's change this: I want to use Pocket Wizard Plus II's to fire three SB-800 Speelight flashes. Am I able to just purchase two PocketWizards (placing one on camera's hotshoe and one on an SB-800) and set the other two SB-800's in SU-4 mode and have them all work wirelessly in sync, since...
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    Developing Digital Prints & PP

    1) I've encountered this problem with developing my digital prints. They don't come out the way they appear on the computer screen, after post-processing, nor do they come out anywhere near what I see. It's as if my edits on CS2 are magnified 10-fold when I print them. Does anybody know what I'm...
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    Night Shots (How To)

    I've been taking night shots of inanimate objects with shutter speeds of approx. 3 seconds and even longer sometimes. But I was wondering if there is a way to take night shots with a faster shutter speed? I'm wanting to take photos of people and I don't want them to have to sit COMPLETELY still...
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    What did he do?

    *Edited* So after doing some browsing, there's a style of photography (post-processing really) that I've come to love and want to do. I need all the help I can get to help make my photos look like these photographers': and They both have this HDR...