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    Picking up and dusting off the ol' camera for some candids

    I was a working professional photographer but hung it up for family issues 8 years ago. I am trying to get back into the craft, for now just for fun. Here are some candids of loved ones that I would be happy to get some feedback on. Very minimal editing and all the baby ones were in very poor...
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    Just a few candids from picking up the camera again

    I haven't really shot for the past 8 years, so I am just picking up the camera again to shoot a few
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    So out of it...upgrade time

    I have a 5D Mark II and am wondering what people think of my upgrade options. I mostly shoot people, especially kids. I love being able to capture many frames in one click. I am interesting in learning videography, but I am not going to use it for long periods of shooting. But I have never...
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    professionally cleaning camera?

    I am not a beginner photographer, but I have a beginner question. I have a 5D MKII. I think its about 4 years old? How often (and where) should I have it professionally cleaned? Do they need tune ups? I feel like I am getting lesser results, especially in low light situations.
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    Challenge - How would you build my studio?

    I am primarily an outdoor/natural light photographer (child/family). I love natural light...but being in Texas, there are several months through the year I don't work much because of the heat or rain. I am slowly building my business and am ready (and have the client base) to create an in-home...
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    Next portrait lens

    I am a portrait photographer, working. I have a canon 5D MKii with the kit lens, 85mm 1.8 IS, 70-200 f/4 L IS I am eyeing a new lens mostly for some more diversity in my photography. I am thinking maybe something even wider, and a nice low f/. Or maybe just upgrade the 70-200 f/4 L IS to a...
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    Nearly impossible, making the best photo

    I am shooting for some camps and last week I got the challenge and joy of shooting inside a fire training survival house. Nearly no light besides some low blue light, and one low red light in another location. *Very* low light, to say the least. Close quarters (i.e. "caved in" roof). Fake...
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    5D mkii control question

    Sorry, this is driving me nuts because I have spent so much time trying to figure this out. Somehow when I got to review my photos in camera, it only gives me thumb nail views. I can not, for the life of me, figure out how to get it back (so I see one full screen photo at a time) or make the...
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    Online photo proofing

    I do online photo proofing for my clients. So far I have been using smugmug but I just am not loving working with them. it seems like everything is too complicated or doesn't work. If it did, I would use them for ordering too. Anyways, does anyone else have a good place to do online...
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    Portraits - how many do you offer for proofing?

    I was wondering how many proofs from the average 4 person session you offer? Do you have a formula or just offer all ones you think are good?
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    Help with business laptop

    Hi all. Time has come for a new computer. I want to buy a laptop so I can work in various locations (office, home, etc). At home and office, I plan to plug in my large monitors for photo editing. But I was wondering if I could get any help picking brand/model or even just specs. My budget...
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    Garage to Studio

    I am really considering converting my garage. its pretty standard. Double car width, one wide garage door. One regular entry door with a window. I would need to: Insulate Drywall add a ceiling several over head lights refinish the floor (would love wood but want to resell our home in 5 years...
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    had to cancle for the first time

    Well it was cursed from day one! I would never normally shoot with my kids around, but it was a newborn shoot with a friend's sister and she really wanted to shoot at a time that I dont usually work. She said she was fine with my kids being here...I really shouldnt have been ok with that...
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    Tutu girls

    I did this shoot this weekend. It was challenging, thick blue clouds rolled in right before the shoot (despite weather reports that had them coming in well after dark). And of course the joy of a stubborn 3 year old and a very busy 1 year old...its always fun in the world of child portraits...
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    I have just started selling CDs with my work on it and am really trying to figure out how to make them look professional. Any tips? I hate giving naked CDs and naked boxes. I am getting a color printer soon, but at this time I cant print color (mine broke)
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    Sorry guys, I'm going over to the dark side

    Well I have had it. Lately I have been doing alot of shoots. I only do a couple shoots a week tops because I am a full time mom and dont have any desire to be a full time photographer at this point. Once the kids are in school, then i will expand. But this is working out well for me. What...
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    What do you do when?

    What do you do when a client isnt happy about how they look in your photos. But it isnt really the photos? I just did a second maternity shoot. I think the mother gained some weight besides the baby bump and I did my very best to take flattering photos. I think my downfall was the husband...
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    print your own

    I am wondering if anyone prints there own client prints at home/office? I was talking to a woman who said that home printers are under 1k and very high quality. She thought I should consider doing my standard printing at home. I was wondering if anyone did this, and if you do indeed save...
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    Newborn who ran the show

    I did a recent shoot of a 10 day old baby. She ate nearly the entire time, I think we got most of the shots in about 10 minutes time. But it was fun and the family seemed pleased. Its been a while and no order, but they have been looking at them every day in my gallery, so I think one will...
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    A couple's shoot

    I did a couple recently and while I am happy with the pics, I am not thrilled. I am not sure what it is really and would love C&C, a fresh perspective. The couple wasn't really into cutsie things (its not my style anyways), so my goal was just to capture pictured of them enjoying being around...