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  1. Trblmkr

    Dolly Sods during the Fall

    My first trip to Doll Sods West VA. Was hoping for a great sunrise, but the first pic was the best I got and then the clouds rolled in and stayed for the rest of the morning.
  2. Trblmkr

    Snow Day with a lonely Oak Tree

    First time this year we've gotten some snow, so I took the opportunity to find some nice settings to try and capture.
  3. Trblmkr

    A little fog never hurt anybody

    Thanks for the comments guys. It was a good week as the fog just stayed around all day. I spent hours walking around just enjoying how much it changed the scenery.
  4. Trblmkr

    Great Falls in Northern Va (Va side)

    Thanks for the compliments guys, much appreciated. I was out there for about 5 hours as it was really foggy and just had to wait for the sun to come out and burn some of it off. I've been there 20 or so times and have never seen it like that, glad I managed to capture some fantastic shots.
  5. Trblmkr

    Great Falls in Northern Va (Va side)

    Here are a few pictures during an extremely foggy morning during the fall. Perfect storm happened to get this much fog.
  6. Trblmkr

    The Palouse of Washington Shot in B/W

    Jon, It was my first time out in that area after many in my photography club had gone. From the moment I got out of Spokane I was blown away by the landscape. I've been all over the world, and this place is truly spectacular in my opinion. I hope to make many more trips out there in the future...
  7. Trblmkr

    Airshow at Airbase

    Glad you guys like them, much appreciated.
  8. Trblmkr

    The Palouse of Washington Shot in B/W

    Thanks for the compliments, much appreciated.
  9. Trblmkr

    The Palouse From the Air

    Thanks for the compliments gang!!
  10. Trblmkr

    Airshow at Airbase

    Had the chance to see the Blue Angels at Andrews Air Base a few months back. Managed to capture some pretty impressive shots of the demonstration team, as well as some cool shots on the ground. Even to this day, I'm not sure how I managed to get this one. Simple, right place, right time, right...
  11. Trblmkr

    The Palouse of Washington Shot in B/W

    Took a trip out west and saw some great old barns and trees off in the middle of nowhere. Here are a few that I've managed to process of the 1700 pics I took 20190609 Id Palouse-0065 by Dan Girard, on Flickr 20190609 Id Palouse-0184 by Dan Girard, on Flickr 20190609 Id Palouse-0060 by Dan...
  12. Trblmkr

    The Palouse From the Air

    Took a trip out west to the state of Washington to photograph the Palouse area. During my tour, I was offered a chance to go up in a small plane and shoot some aerial shots. Boy am I glad I did. Here is a few of my favorite shots 20190608 Id Palouse Ariel-0071 by Dan Girard, on Flickr...
  13. Trblmkr


    Love the color and the composition, but there is a strange halo around the peer "legs". I don't know if it is from jpeg compression, but I feel it otherwise detracts from a great image. Probably because of the long exposure of the waves hitting the legs causing sea spray to be captured. (2 Min...
  14. Trblmkr

    A building and a barn

    Where was the first one taken, as I have a barn picture almost exactly like that!
  15. Trblmkr


    I just posted a few on my thread, but I'll add one here for you as well. This is from the Outer Banks and this is Frisco Pier, which I've been told has been taken down this past summer.
  16. Trblmkr

    Summer Pics from 2018

    Didn't realize it's been so many years since I posted here. Here's some of my latest shots from this summer.
  17. Trblmkr

    Getting the gears

    This is gorgeous, I'd like to know what your EXIF data is on this.
  18. Trblmkr

    No sir, I sold it a few weeks after putting it up for sale.

    No sir, I sold it a few weeks after putting it up for sale.
  19. Trblmkr

    HDR before and after process

    I'll skip the comments about HDR as I think they have already been covered. What I do notice is it looks like your horizon is off, the right side is lower then the left. Looks like you tried to use the rule of thirds with the horizon and the water in the bottom 1/3. Although I see what you were...