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  1. radiorickm

    Help with PROMax 600 Studio Strobe

    In a horse trade of sorts, I wound up with (2) PROMax studio strobe units, a 600w/s and a 300 w/s unit. These are the fairly large sized mono-lights, and I believe that they are made by Blazzeo. I am trying to figure out what the "mount" is on the front of the unit, as what I have always...
  2. radiorickm

    Pose my Deer

    I love it when you can actually get them to pose for you. Taken in the Gila National Forest, just outside of the Wilderness Boundary.
  3. radiorickm

    The wind sure knows how to blow out here in the desert!

    Here is a shot we got today, as we were out weather spotting an incoming storm. This is a dirt storm in Southern New Mexico, on a rural state highway.
  4. radiorickm

    Canon: Will you build my new camera

    I had a thought. There are thousands of old manual lenses laying around, many of which are great lenses. We can adapt them to our modern cameras, but it is not always an easy operation. So Why not???? EOS REBEL-FD Basically, an AE-1 with a digital sensor. Begin with a native FD mount complete...
  5. radiorickm

    Can some one tell me what aperture to use at a wedding this weekend?

    Well, I got your attention anyway, didn't I. (LOL) If you have been on this forum for any time, you've probably read this or a similar question about 473,187 times. So, I have taken it upon myself to answer this question ONCE AND FOR ALL. The answer is, ALL OF THEM . We (me and my girlfriend...
  6. radiorickm

    Ethics question

    Ok, so here is my ethics question... I buy some software, Superphoto Version 1. Install it on my desktop. Life is good. Now, Superphoto Version 2 comes along, with a "upgrade" special. Buy it legally, life is good. Now, can I put Version 1 on my laptop, or is it still attached to the desktop...
  7. radiorickm

    Spot on the Mountain

    I have been forcing myself to learn to see things, photographically. Today, this particular scene caught my eye. Although I have changed it to Black & White, the original scene was almost this stark in real life. The grey roadway was lined with totally white snow. The mountain was in deep...
  8. radiorickm

    Majestic Saguaro Cactus

    We had a wonderful trip today, and got some very interesting photos. (Unprocessed) Can't wait to see when they are all edited. If anyone has any suggestions, let me have 'em THANKS
  9. radiorickm

    Coreal Photoshop Pro X3

    Does anyone on here use Pro-X3? My program just up and quit. I have reloaded it, downloaded a new version, about everything I can think of. Any one have any ideas, or any leads on a HELP FORUM for Corel???? Thanks
  10. radiorickm

    Life Magazines WORST images

    There's an article on Yahoo right now, celebrating Life's 75 Anniversary. They are showing off some of the WORST magazine covers, and making the list are Einsteadt, Avedon, and yes the master Ansel Adams. I guess we all have our bad days. lol
  11. radiorickm

    Positioning the Key Light

    I would like to set up a small discussion of this issue. I have NEVER actually seen a good description of why we do this. Lets assume we are setting up our lighting for a shoot. As a general rule, we don't ususally "shoot" people straight on, so our subject is going to be standing at an angle...
  12. radiorickm

    This week's great photo expedition

    I recently had the opportunity to "chase" a train for three days, on a photo expedition. My girlfriend is learning photography, so as a lesson we each set up and planned our IDEAL shot of the train. This train was UP844, one of their remaining steam engines. It was dispatched to begin the...
  13. radiorickm

    "Electrical" type question for EE's or 480Sparky

    I am planning a coupe of photo shoots that will be away from commercial electric power. I would like to power my studio strobes with an inverter. I am currently running an analysis as to power consumption of the units so I can match it to an inverter. What I would like to know is this: My...
  14. radiorickm

    Once ina life time prep

    Not sure which sub-forum this goes in, but here sounds good. I just saw the scedule for UP (Union Pacific) 844, their steam engine, and it will be coming into our neck of the woods in a couple of weeks. I will have 2 days in 4 locations to capture what could possibly be once-in-a-lifetime...
  15. radiorickm

    SO, you just got a new DSLR.

    Well here is a “top 10” list of things I wish someone would have told me when I started out. #10 IF you are truly a newbie, this is going to hurt: Your new modern DSLR camera is a heck of a lot smarter than you are at this point. Over a hundred years of knowledge has been programmed into your...
  16. radiorickm

    A Different "Best Lens" quesion

    I am official looking for a new lens (CANON EF type). (Carry around, probably 28-135~) We all know the reputation of the L Lens. But honestly, it's just not in my price range yet. So the question I pose to ya'll is this: Is there any other division in the Canon lens line, other than "L"...
  17. radiorickm

    WARNING: Ugly Dude self portrait

    Just playing around tonite I have NEVER really did a self portrait, so I decided it was time. I have a new hobby, playing the drums. It's actually physical therapy from breaking my neck, but heck it's fun. I didn't think it was too bad for a first try. What do you guys think?
  18. radiorickm

    A couple of lessons learned.

    Even though I have been shooting for years, I am just now starting to do "portraits", so I am sneaking this into the beginners section, others may get a kick out of it. My daughter asked me to come take a couple of pictures of her and her boyfriend. They live about one our away. So, two days...
  19. radiorickm

    is there a better JPEG?

    Ok. Here it is. I am NOT an editor. I do my very best to produce an image that is close to technically correct to begin with. I (up until very recently) shot everything JPEG. Because I don't do any heavy editing, this was not a problem. My test of a photo was if I can't fix it in Picasa in 30...
  20. radiorickm

    OK...I'm rebelling

    I will probably be voted of the forum for posting this (lol), but effective today my camera is going to PROGRAM Mode for it's default settings. About 1:3 posts on this forum are about people trying to figure out how to use manual mode, or AV/TV. Truth be told, I know how. But honestly I have...