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  1. Feline

    Red Damselfly

    Captured last week at the village pond
  2. Feline

    Street Entertainers in Chester

    On my recent visit to Chester, I met a couple of street artists who have very kindly posed for my photos and given me permission to use these on my website.... The Balloon Artist: The Musician: The Street Preacher: Thank you very much, gentlemen....
  3. Feline

    Swan on the Lake

    Captured on my daily walk...
  4. Feline

    Seagull on the Promenade

    Whilst taking a stroll along the promenade the other day, I had a close encounter with this little friend. He let me get quite close in order to take this shot.
  5. Feline

    Butterfly Jungle Conwy

    I have visited the Butterfly Jungle in nearby Conwy and took numerous pictures of butterflies. A great place to are just a couple of photographs I took...
  6. Feline

    Pigeon on the move...

    I captured this pigeon yesterday, while I was visiting Colwyn Bay...
  7. Feline

    Busy Busy Bee!

    Another little visitor to my Garden...
  8. Feline

    Pets - Siberian Huskies

    We have 2 Siberian Huskies at home. Odin Adult Male and Banshee Puppy Female (growing up fast...) Odin Banshee Odin and Banshee when they first met...
  9. Feline

    Streetlife - Town Crier of Chester

    Here are a couple of images of the town crier in Chester, who we spotted in the town centre when we visited last month...
  10. Feline

    Blackbird on the roof

    I captured this litte friend yesterday, as I was out in the garden. I had to zoom in hard... His little mates disappeared before I could get the next shot....shame. I'll try again tomorrow. They seem to gather early in the morning on the surrounding roof tops....
  11. Feline

    My first photo post - Peacock Butterfly

    I took this picture about a month ago. It shows a Peacock Butterfly, feeding on some Bluebells in my garden. Our local paper did a section on 'Reader's Photos' and this was one of the photographs chosen, 2 weeks ago. I am really chuffed...:thumbsup: Oh dear, I just noticed I can't post...
  12. Feline

    Hello! Newbie from Wales

    Hello Everyone. I have just joined this Forum... I am a keen Amateur Photographer and Wildlife Entusiast. I welcome any form of criticism on my pictures as I know I have a lot to learn yet, which is one of the main reasons why I've joined. :) Wishing everyone a nice evening... Regards, Feline