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  1. BrentC

    Carrying long lens on Ebike/bike

    Yeah, something like this might be best. The biggest problem is that it is a very large lens. I am thinking I would keep the basket since it is rated for 30kg. Then maybe something like a pelican case that I modify so can be strapped securely to the basket. I was hoping others have done...
  2. BrentC

    Carrying long lens on Ebike/bike

    I think I am worried that a regular camera bag may not be sufficient enough. Large, heavy and expensive lens. Whatever I use must be able to fasten very securely. I edited my original post to add more information.
  3. BrentC

    Carrying long lens on Ebike/bike

    Yes millions of people ride a bike and carry a camera. Not many ride a bike and carry a long 400mm birding\wildlife lens. I edited my first post to give more information. I saved a lot of money to get my dream lens and I want it protected as mush as possible and still allow me ease with biking.
  4. BrentC

    Carrying long lens on Ebike/bike

    So I decided that I am getting an ebike and I want to carry my EM1-X and the 150-400 Pro with me. The ebike I am getting will have both a rear rack and front basket. I would prefer to carry it on the front basket and will not carry in a pannier. Not sure I like on top of the back rack...
  5. BrentC

    2021 Photo of the Year

    An absolute stunner! Congratualtions!
  6. BrentC

    Possible Book cover

    I agree with the sharpening. Also the slightly blown highlights
  7. BrentC


    Let us know what your setup is, camera and lens you are using. Also post the settings you used for your shot. And what I would do is find some small detailed object, that is not an insect, and take a macro of it as you would normally do. Do it in a controlled environment, your home on...
  8. BrentC

    Blue Wrens

    Gorgeous bird. They are iridescent with the right light?
  9. BrentC

    Eois golosata

    Very nice. Its not fair you get gorgeous coloured birds and insects.
  10. BrentC

    Hi there! New to this forum! :) A Hi from Japan!

    Welcome! Took a look at your site, fantastic work!
  11. BrentC

    What is the "Rarest Bird" you have managed to get a decent image of?

    Thanks Space. I had a good guide on the island, would not have been able to find them on my own.
  12. BrentC

    Time for me to ditch the mirror, maybe leave Nikon?

    I have always used an EVF for birding. I have no issues and like the what I see is what I get.
  13. BrentC

    What is the "Rarest Bird" you have managed to get a decent image of?

    The rarest bird I was able to capture is the Azores Bullfinch. Considered the second rarest bird in Europe. Only found in a small area of what is left of the native Laurisilva forest located on Pico da Vara, Sao Miguel. Azores Bullfinch (São Miguel bullfinch - Pyrrhula Murina) - Rare by Brent...
  14. BrentC

    Tiny house

    Love that first shot
  15. BrentC

    Shield bugs and a butterfly

    Just don't use this as a crutch. You need to find out why you are needing to use noise reduction with decent exposure and flash there should be no need at all. If you look at the damsel fly you posted, you used way to much Luminance noise reduction/smoothing that you lost any detail you...
  16. BrentC

    Shield bugs and a butterfly

    I am using "Send to Exif Viewer" extension in Chrome.
  17. BrentC

    Shield bugs and a butterfly

    You can see in your your Exif you are very heavy handed on adjustments. Clarity +90, dehaze +38 and saturation +24 especially. Not sure why you have them that high. Other settings you have that should not be needed so high if you are getting good exposure with the flash. Can you post your...
  18. BrentC

    Birds, Birds and more Birds

    Fantastic set! Especially the kingfisher. But all great
  19. BrentC

    Damsel and a fly

    Your details look pretty good but as others said a little too heavy handed on the pp. Definitely heavy in the saturation and contrast. Since you state your photo ok to edit I did a very quick edit in LR. Could do much better with the original, hard to recover from an edited jpg, but this will...
  20. BrentC


    What a strange find. Really nice shot on the second. Almost like someone purposefully stuck it on the thorn so it wouldn't move for the shot🤔😂