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  1. SnappingShark

    REMOVED - Ricoh GR III with accessories

    Black! Almost perfect - does have a little wear on the front and on the strap lugs - otherwise amazing! Works flawlessly. Comes with Nisi filter system (adapter and mount) and 2 filters - polarizing and an ND filter (unused) and in a pouch. Also includes a spare legit battery for all day...
  2. SnappingShark


    enjoying the lighter, more agile Fuji Xt3 these days. Lighter and even held a telephoto in my pocket. No more broken back. Anyway. Snowscape from my town :) hope y'all enjoy it!! Had to screenshot it from my phone as my export was originally too big to post. Doh! It's been a while since I posted!
  3. SnappingShark

    SOLD FS: Canon 5D Mk IV & 24-70 2.8 ii

    This is a freakin pain! My neck and shoulder injury returns and I know that carrying / using my DSLR stuff isn't right for me anymore. You know when you keep trying and keep failing ... yeah, that's me. So, I have the following for sale. Perfect condition. Boxed. Original owner of all. Canon...
  4. SnappingShark

    Peeking through the fog

    Just taken from my back sliding door.
  5. SnappingShark

    Heading back to Canon and need assistance

    As much as I love my Fuji, I feel it lacks some dynamic range when in a scene where conditions are heavily varied. Also, the grain is pretty noticeable on longer exposures and lower light situations. So, I am jumping back to Canon soon ... but first, a decision and am kind of torn and need your...
  6. SnappingShark

    Creepy grainy and believe it or not, for rent!

    Random BHS fact: Just as I was taking this, a double pullover by the cops happened behind me. Fun times!
  7. SnappingShark


    OMG This is so frustrating. I open Adobe CC and click update for the latest update to lightroom classic CC. 3% and suddenly internet goes down, modem and wifi router require double restarts. I've seen that there are some people who have this issue through Google searches, but as of this...
  8. SnappingShark

    Rolleiflex 35

    My wife found one of these in my father in law's storage locker in what appears to be beautiful condition. Never used one myself. Can somebody link me to some film for it? What does it use? How do you use it? I'm asking you awesome guys to save googling, and for some of you to share some tips...
  9. SnappingShark

    Wish I had my actual camera

    This was taken with my Samsung Galaxy S9+ ... but I really wish I had my real camera with me to capture more beautifully the 3 shelved hills covered in sunlight! 16:9 and a portrait crop What do you think? I kinda like them both
  10. SnappingShark

    Mosier, Oregon

    I took a bunch of shots over sunset and this one to me is the most pleasing in terms of color. Being colorblind, there may be some issues with the water or overall tone - please give feedback as to water color ... thanks!
  11. SnappingShark

    Lightning on the ocean

    I took this a while back, but only just got around to converting to black and white. Ugh, I was in a bad position to shoot this one - anyway - It's alright. Not great.
  12. SnappingShark

    Tour de critique

    Looking for some feedback on this. Does this image make you flick back and forth between the sign and the rider at the end of the alley? Thanks for looking!
  13. SnappingShark

    Blue tranquility

    Peaceful. Blue. Whale and boat. Hopefully composed so you see the whale, then the boat, then roll across the mountains and back to the whale!
  14. SnappingShark

    X100F vs X-PRO2

    I have both of these. The X-PRO2 I've had for a while, but the X100F I recently added to my collection. Just for those who wanted to know the main differences. 1) X-PRO2 gives you the ability to change lenses. 2) X-PRO2 is faster to focus (due to the X100F lens being older, and fixed). 3)...
  15. SnappingShark

    Transitioning from B&W to Color

    Not a pro at all, just more a general question ... My instagram to date is all black and white street photography. I like black and white. But after a couple hundred images, I feel it's hard to incorporate color to the feed now - perhaps that's my own feeling towards it knowing my miniscule...
  16. SnappingShark

    Never a landscape photographer

    I'm more of a snapper when I hike or go places which obviously have amazing views. But I found a couple of old images I had taken. Let me know your thoughts. I know they won't be great, but I'd like to hear! :)
  17. SnappingShark

    Fuji X-PRO2 and 4 x lenses

    Time for me to lighten my load of Fuji. It's served me amazingly but I just don't see myself using it and would love to find it a great home. Awesome Graphite Fuji XPRO2 camera body. 24.3MP Included lenses: 12mm F/2 (Rokinon manual lens with hood) 23mm F/2 (Fuji lens) - In graphite, includes...
  18. SnappingShark


    What's yours? Mine is the simplicity of getting out the house because I don't have a lot of time. Hah! I've read many a book, magazine or article and watched countless videos (movies, youtube, shows) regarding photography, or the subjects I am interested in - but none really inspire me as much...
  19. SnappingShark

    Getting there

    ... she's not even 2 yet, and already she's curious! :) In the second pic, she was trying to mimic how I was crouching to take the shot of her!
  20. SnappingShark

    Fuji x pro 2 - graphite

    I got this in the mail - and wow what a stunner. They really did a number on the paint work. I first saw one of these back in 2015 at a Fuji Event in Seattle - I only saw the black version and I didn't think much of it. In fact, I already had my Leica and was probably a little snotty about it...