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  1. tbrunke

    Freedom Tower from Downtown Brooklyn

    very cool! love the photo great city-scape!
  2. tbrunke

    painting with light for fun.

    wow thats a really cool photo! what were your camera settings? i want to try and play around with this "light painting"
  3. tbrunke

    Bald eagle

    AWESOME! thats a great photo! good focus and background is nice, leaves all the focus on the eagle
  4. tbrunke

    Male Hooded Merganser

    well now i know what kind of bird that is, and that is a great pic! good job!
  5. tbrunke

    Muskoka Wildlife Sancturary

    the pic of the wolf and the cougar are my favorite! all of them are great shots!
  6. tbrunke

    Naturally Camouflaged

    very cool! what kind of lens were you using?
  7. tbrunke

    Fog rolling into the Mountains

    very cool! has a very ominous look to it, like it alot!
  8. tbrunke

    California Sun

    A++ Great pic I love the sun coming thru the pier, its a great photo, inspiring. I really like it!
  9. tbrunke

    Macro Lens - Other

    I want to get a good macro as well but I have a D70.. and suggestions
  10. tbrunke

    Good Landscape Photos for Beginners

    is this too busy? i just snapped it on my way from class
  11. tbrunke

    Good Landscape Photos for Beginners

    thanks again that video is awesome! i have to shoot my entire project on 50mm and 200iso so i do have some limitations
  12. tbrunke

    Good Landscape Photos for Beginners

    wow great video link!! and thanks for the advice! My project is due in a few weeks so I dont have a ton of time to wait for storms.. even though it did rain today, maybe i could catch a good dust storm rolling in or a thunderstorm. i was thinking about going to Buffalo Springs Lake buffalo...
  13. tbrunke

    A Philadelphia Street

    i like the photo but it is really busy, almost too busy to where you dont know what exactly to focus on still good pic!
  14. tbrunke

    Tight Security

    i really like your style! great photo! where was this taken?
  15. tbrunke

    Baby & Mom Humming Birds

    wow those are great photos! you captured a great moment!
  16. tbrunke

    And Deliver Us from Evil

    nice photo, really beautiful architecture on the church. good job
  17. tbrunke

    Night Fog

    yeah i really like this photo, but agree the building takes away, but still a great photo regardless
  18. tbrunke

    Terrace rice field

    those are great photos!
  19. tbrunke

    Light at the End oif the Tunnel

    good framing i like the first one the best with the person walking.
  20. tbrunke

    A little Texas Tech Architechture

    thanks i just snapped those leaving class actually. so at least i know that i might be on the right track and have the right idea