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  1. k5MOW

    Sold For sale Nikon D5300 body

    Good morning everyone I upgraded to the Nikon D 7200 about six months ago. I upgraded from my Nikon D5300 that I had for about a year and used it mildly. It is in absolute perfect cosmetic and working condition just as good as new. I was going to keep it as a back up but don’t really think I...
  2. k5MOW

    Nikon D 7200 freezing

    Good morning everyone I have had my Nikon D 7200 now for about two months. Yesterday not pushing any buttons or taking pictures the camera froze up. The camera appeared on but no buttons would work on off wouldn’t work. Eventually I took the battery out put it back in and all is fine. Has...
  3. k5MOW


    Good morning everyone Here is one I took this morning during the golden hour of the morning. This photo was taken in manual mode. What do you all think of this shot. Shutter speed 1/320 F Stop F8 ISO 100 Focal length 18
  4. k5MOW

    New laptop

    Good evening everyone Can you guys let me know if you think this computer will run Photoshop and lightroom decently. I don't need it fast just to be able to function. Here is the link I have ordered this computer and hopefully it will work for this process also. Dell Inspiron...
  5. k5MOW

    Doing a high key photo

    Good morning everyone I would like to try to do high key portraits in my small living room. I would like all of you opinions on my idea of equipment. I was thinking of buying two continuous light stands with four 45 W bulbs in each and two 16 x 24 soft boxes for Front soft lighting. I also...
  6. k5MOW

    Self portrait

    Here is a quick portrait I did of myself. Set the camera up on a tripod with a flash and a soft box. I used flash compensation -1 stop. I also used a remote trigger. Let me know what you think what I could have done better. This shot was not cropped. F-stop 1/8 Shutter speed 1/60 ISO 100...
  7. k5MOW

    Albino tiger Oscar

    Here is one I took with my prime 50 mm lens. Taken through the glass of the aquarium obviously. Shutter speed 1/200 F Stop 1.8 ISO 800 50 mm Prime
  8. k5MOW

    Fire truck in the park

    Here is a picture I took in the park today. I saw this fire trucks come in to the park so I staged an area I thought would be good to take this picture. I got on the ground and waited for the truck to come back around and I took the shot. What do you all think of this shot. Nikon D5300 F-stop...
  9. k5MOW

    Early morning shots

    Good afternoon all A couple of days ago I posted a photo that I took during the golden hour and several people gave me some tips to make the shot better. I took everything that was said and tried to make the shots better. Please comment on how they look. Shutter speed 1/320 F Stop F8 ISO...
  10. k5MOW

    The golden hour this morning

    Hello all Went out early this morning for the golden hour. One hour after sunrise. What do you all think Shutter speed 1/640 F Stop F 4 ISO 500 Focal length 55mm
  11. k5MOW

    Vibration reduction

    Good morning I am considering getting the Tamron autofocus 70-300mm f4.0-5.6 Di LD macro Zoom lens with built-in motor. I would like to use this for wildlife photography. My question is this particular lens does not have vibration reduction. If I am using a fast enough shutter speed the way I...
  12. k5MOW

    2* telephoto lens attachment

    Good morning all Just wanted to ask all of your opinions if there is a 2* telephoto lens attachment that works OK. I have a Nikon D 5300. The kit came with 2* telephoto attachment but The quality is terrible. Is there one out there that works at least decently. I have the 55 200 mm Lens and...
  13. k5MOW

    Memory card

    Good morning everyone I am using a Nikon D5300 and wanted all of your opinion on a good quality memory card that works good with the Nikon cameras. I don't want to spend a huge amount of money but would like a decent memory card probably in the 30 or $40 range. Thanks Roger
  14. k5MOW

    Photoshop light room

    Good morning everyone I am in the process of getting a new computer. The new computer that is coming is definitely fast enough sorry don't remember the actual processing speed but it only has four megs of RAM. Is 4 megs of RAM enough to get started in Photoshop and light room how well will it...
  15. k5MOW

    Trip to the park

    Good morning everyone Here is a picture I took yesterday at the park what do you all think. Shutter Speed 1/1600 ISO 400 F-Stop F6.3 Focal Lenght 200mm Roger
  16. k5MOW

    Facebook page

    I set up a Facebook page for some of my favorite photos I have taken. Keep in mind I am a very new beginner photographer. Let me know what you think of the page. Roger
  17. k5MOW

    Photos in the park

    Good evening all I was at a local county park here in Southeast Texas today. One of the park attendance was telling me that soon people will not be able to take photographs in the park because there have been a lot of professional photographers taking professional pictures at the park and...
  18. k5MOW

    Black rapid RS Sport strap

    Good morning all What do you all think of this camera strap Black Rapid RS-Sport Strap - Slimmer Version with Built-in Underarm Defense. I am seriously thinking of purchasing this. A couple of the reviews stated that the strap broke and the Cama drop to the ground. Has this happened to any of...
  19. k5MOW

    Very new

    Good morning all I am very new to photography. I know this pic is not great but wanted to see what you all think. Nikon D5300 200mm Shutter speed 1/1250 ISO 400 Aperture 5.6 Roger
  20. k5MOW

    Online picture storage

    Good morning everyone As you may know I am a very new photographer actually I am not even a photographer yet but I am learning all about it. I am looking for a online picture storage site that is not too expensive but is easy to use and put different pictures in different folders easily. I have...