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  1. bratkinson

    The Staggering Collapse of the Camera Market

    Came across this article a few minutes ago. Nothing really new to say, but a rehash of what is already obvious. The staggering collapse of the camera market
  2. bratkinson

    Faux-Pro photographer rant and catch-22

    I'm stuck between being a 'politically correct' ex-grand-stepfather to my ex-stepdaughter in regards to the photographer she's contracted with for regular photo shoots with her now 10-month old son. Or, do I 'open up' and let her know she's getting gypped! I'm a thousand miles away so I can't...
  3. bratkinson

    My **LUCKY DAY**

    BLASTED FREEWARE!!!!! I have been using the Free Studio downloading programs for several years now for downloading stuff off Youtube as, too often, Youtube stuff gets wiped out. Whether it's a copyright violation or contractual obligation of Youtube or if the originator or owner of a video...
  4. bratkinson

    Mass file size reduction for JPGs?

    One of the "minor details" not often discussed on this site is that of ever larger file sizes from ever higher megapixel cameras. Everyone that's attempted to download their photos to this web site and others, as well, get hit by the file size limitation of downloads. For onesy-twosey...
  5. bratkinson

    Problem with shadows using flash...or...maybe I should switch to Auto!

    So here I was, happy as a clam 'doing my low light thing', merrily shooting with my 5D mark iii, no flash, at ISO 6400, 1/160, wide open on my 'magic drainpipe' 80-200 f2.8L at a high school choir concert on Friday night. Great results! The choir director really 'engages' her students, first the...
  6. bratkinson

    At Last! "THE SECRET" has been revealed!!!

    Finally, a 'pro' gives us the 'inside scoop' on how to make PERFECT pictures!!! 'Squinching' Can Make You Look Good in Every Photo | Watch the video - Yahoo Good Morning America And here I thought getting perfect pictures was like magicians keeping their secret tricks...
  7. bratkinson

    Canon 135 f2L...WOW!!!

    I've had my 135 for almost 2 years now, and been thoroughly impressed with its wide-open capabilities and super thin DOF with razor sharpness. I know everyone has been similarly impressed with their 135s, too. But after reading a number of threads here and there about the 135 for street...
  8. bratkinson

    It won't be long before they get red rings on them!

    We've likely all seen the commercial for the 41mp Samsung phone of late. But an add-on zoom(?) lens too? Smartphone Cameras at 41 Megapixels Pressure Canon, Nikon - Bloomberg It can't be too long of a wait for the red-ringed lenses to start appearing...
  9. bratkinson

    And I thought photography was expensive!

    Apparently, having too much photography equipment as a hobby doesn't qualify as 'expensive'... My credit cards are still screaming!!! 10 outrageously pricey hobbies- MSN Money
  10. bratkinson

    The future of photography has arrived!

    Nokia just unveiled their new 41mp phone!! Nokia Unveils Lumia Phone With Camera to Revive Demand - Bloomberg Incredible!
  11. bratkinson

    Rookies are killing the business!

    Thankfully, I'm not a pro. I'd go broke if I was. My concern is for those who make their living behind the lens. A couple of weeks ago, I <forget the name> posted that he was being undercut for album covers, etc for a musician he frequently photographed. Hence, the musician went with the...
  12. bratkinson

    In case it went unnoticed...

    As I have a 3 day event at church to photograph in a couple of weeks, I decided I had better get a couple additional memory cards for my 3 month old 5D3. RAW+JPG 'eats' memory cards in a hurry! As Gomer Pyle would say: "Surprise, surprise, surprise!" There's been about a 20% price increase...
  13. bratkinson

    Funny Wedding Photos

    Posted today on funny not to share... Funny wedding photos: a photo gallery
  14. bratkinson

    Is it just me or is it this web site?

    As a 'regular' on this web site for over a year, I have always been slightly annoyed with the slow 'first screen' that doesn't run the internal script that allows the password to be input as 'protected' characters until dead last. I've learned that when I logon from the slower computers and...