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  1. john.margetts

    Agfa Rapid camera

    My latest acquisition: an Agfa Iso-Rapid IF.This was Agfa's answer to Kodak's Instamatic range with the advantage that the film was held flat by a proper pressure plate, not a cheap plastic moulding. I already have Rapid cassettes that I can load with film and will be trying this camera out...
  2. john.margetts


    Lovely sunny day yesterday but not a lot of time. Plenty of time today and what do I get? Thick fog! Nil desperandum (as Horace said) I took my trusty Panasonic out for a walk (and this is rapidly becoming my favourite camera) and photographed the Witham. I found processing these quite...
  3. john.margetts

    'notebook' camera

    Recently, I bought a Panasonic DMC-TZ80 camera. This is intended as a light camera I can always carry with me to take 'notes' of interesting things I see before returning at a later date with the heavy kit (and heavy is becoming very much an issue with me) to do a 'proper job' of the ideas. I am...
  4. john.margetts

    Very old film - FP4

    Last Sunday I was given a bulk roll of Ilford FP4 film. The roll had a date of October 1974 on it - the film is over 42 years old! It has been s stored in a shed for a good part of that time. So. A test film was required. I shot twelve frames at various EI levels. 3 ASA was too slow and the...
  5. john.margetts

    Posh busker in Lincoln
  6. john.margetts

    ON1 effects test

    Been trying out the free ON1 effects program today. I am very impressed with it - this is one example from today's efforts. (Original on Agfa Vista +)
  7. john.margetts

    Exhibition in Lincoln's Angel Coffee House.

    These are a selection from my new exhibition I hung earlier today.
  8. john.margetts

    Details of the inside of a mediaevel church

    These pictures were taken inside the mediaeval church in Blythburgh in Suffolk. They are details of the carved bench ends, each of which has a moral to tell. They were difficult to photograph as the windows were behind them and there was a deal of sunlight streaming in the windows - the figures...
  9. john.margetts

    Mediaeval churches - HDR

    My main interest in photography is mediaeval churches. We have very many of these in Lincolnshire, including 24 that have been declared redundant but are still consecrated churches. I am attempting to photograph all these last to produce a photo essay of each. The one recurring problem I have...
  10. john.margetts

    Hello from Lincoln, England.

    This forum appeared on my Tapatalk screen for some reason and I thought it looked interesting. I have been a photographer for just over 40 years starting with a Zenit E Russian camera. I have advanced to a digital Canon (650d) but i also still use my film cameras (just over 40 of them). Sent...