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  1. AKUK

    Sigma 150-600mm Contemporary Extension Tubes

    Hi Guys, I've just picked up the Sigma 150-600mm Contemporary lens for wildlife photography and really enjoying it. In a couple of locations I shoot at, I can get very close to some wild birds, so close in fact that they land within the 2.8m minimum focusing distance. I was wondering if anyone...
  2. AKUK

    Urban Bird Photography

    Here is another article I published on my website several weeks ago. With so many bird threads appearing on the forum, I thought I'd share it here. URBAN BIRD PHOTOGRAPHY Ever since I was a child, birds have fascinated me. From the exotically coloured hummingbirds to the majestic power of...
  3. AKUK

    The Bird Cage

    More of a mood lighting experiment than anything else. I decided to do a mixture of flash (as a natural looking, low-light fill) and ambient light from the candles inside the bird cage. Definitely a challenging lighting scenario, and as ever, working with a mostly uncooperative 4 year old...
  4. AKUK

    Making Use Of Unconventional Light Sources

    Hi folks. With Hanukkah almost over and Christmas nearly upon us, there are so many additional lights hung in and around homes this time of year. As I haven't written one for a few months, I decided to compose a quick article on this theme. It's aimed at beginners, based upon an image I shot a...
  5. AKUK

    Ruby-Throat Hummingbirds

    A couple of images of female Ruby-Throat Hummingbirds, I shot over the past couple of days. No males with their gorgeous red necks unfortunately but, you have to work with what you get.
  6. AKUK

    Smoke & Water

    This was taken at Lake Louise, Alberta. Not your stereotypical image from the area, with crystal clear waters, blue sky and glacier. The misty scene that morning was in fact smoke from forest fires blowing in from the US. The smoke followed us all through southern Alberta from Canmore, Banff and...
  7. AKUK

    300 (Reps)

    A recent edit from a shoot I took back in early March. Working on my girlfriend's antiquated (read P.O.S.) computer with 4GB of RAM and an uncalibrated TN panel, is not the most fun thing in the world with a 1.6GB PSD file. Slow is an understatement!! I miss my PC at home, that's for sure...
  8. AKUK

    One Light

    I shot this earlier this evening, at short notice. I did multiple light setups and poses but this one really stood out for me. Just a single strobe inside a 42cm.
  9. AKUK

    New Year, New Site

    Hi Guys, I've have literally just finished and published the new look site. I was with Squarespace but changed host to Wix because it gave me much greater control over layout and content. My main issue was the menu system in SS had become so large and clunky that I needed something more user...
  10. AKUK

    Hello from Kent, United Kingdom

    Hi folks! Looking forward to conversing with everyone, on all things photography related.